We Know Skip’s Code of Conduct Be Good if Tha Crew Follows His Orders Proper Like

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer tha crew and Young Timothy

We Know Skip's Code of Conduct Be Good if Tha Crew Follows His Orders Proper Like

Love comes from a pure heart and good conscience and a sincere faith. 1 Timothy 1:5

We know Skip’s Code of Conduct be good if tha crew follows his orders proper like. Skip’s rules be fer them mutinous lawbreakers an’ rebels, them that don’ take no mind of Skipper and his ways, them reprobates who kill thar mom and pop and murder others. Fer philanderers, perverts, slave traders, liars, fellers who tell tales on mates that not be true, and fer ever one who does whatever be contrary ter Skips creed and sound articles of faith.

If ya sign on ter sail after tha Son and swear allegiance ter him and Skipper, why then tha Code of Conduct ‘ill get burned inter yer heart and ya won’ even need to read tha articles ter know how ter behave. Only them mates who no kin read or worse, refuse ter read tha articles, ‘ill have ter have tha Code recited ter them over and over. Even then a good many ‘ill turn up thar nose and heel and sail away.

If ya had been mixed up with tha likes of them, you would ne’re have put a foot on deck, you may lay to that. No, ya come aboard with a heart loyal ter skip and yer conscience clear that all yer thieving, lying, murderous ways be put astern. Signed on in blood, ya did.

So now see ter it that ya love ever one, even them mutineers. Who knows? Could be yer ways be an example ter other fellers and they come along side ter ask how it is ya come ter believe in Skipper’s words and ways. If that happens make it yer play ter clearly recall how Skip outfitted this vessel, called all fellers and lasses ter crew with him, and desires all ter sail aboard while we follow tha Son.