2 Kings 23

Golden Calf of HollywoodJosiah tore down the houses of the male cult prostitutes that were in the Lord’s temple. 2 Kings 23:7

Josiah broke down the sacred pillars, cut down the Asherah poles, then filled their places with human bones. 2 Kings 23:14

Then they celebrated the Passover. No such passover had ever been kept from the time of the judges who judged Israel. 2 Kings 23:22

Josiah removed the mediums, the spirits, household idols, images, and all the detestable things. 2 Kings 23:24

In spite of all that, the Lord did not turn from the fury of his great burning anger. 2 Kings 23:26

Lord, you are just. Your are merciful. You are worthy of honor and reverence. Forgive us for our wandering ways. Forgive us for breaking your laws, disobeying your commands, and for preferring the ways of the world to your will. Today, please remove the detestable things from my heart. Help me to draw near to you and worship only you. 


God has bigger issues at stake than the particular things you are asking of him right now. Oswald Chambers