2 Samuel 14

2 Samuel 14“Let the Lord his God prevent the avenger of blood from adding to the destruction.” 2 Samuel 14:11

“God does not take away life; instead he devises ways so that a banished person may not remain estranged to him.” 2 Samuel 14:14

“The king is like an angel of God in discerning good and evil.” 2 Samuel 14:17

“My lord has wisdom like that of an angel of God: he knows everything that happens.” 2 Samuel 14:20

Lord, you desire mercy, not revenge: forgiveness, not justice. May you draw to yourself those who are banished from your sight due to their rebellious spirit.


There is a certain pride in people that causes them to refuse to accept a gift. Oswald Chambers

The greatest spiritual blessing is when we come to the knowledge that we are destitute. God can do nothing for us as long as we think we are sufficient. Oswald Chambers