A Great Number of Pedagogues Will Turn Tha Ears of Many Away From Tha Truth

Sailing With Jesus -- Keep yer head when all others be getting thars lopped off

A Great Number of Teachers Will Turn Tha Ears of Many Away From Tha Truth

A great many will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. – 2 Timothy 4:4
(2 Timothy 4)

In view of tha appearing of tha Son and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach tha Word! Encourage tha crew and with great patience, correct, rebuke, and offer careful instruction. Fer tha time will come when men and women, lubbers and hearty sailors will not put up with Skipper’s sound creed, articles of faith, and Code of Conduct. A great number of pedagogues (fancy word fer tudors) will turn tha ears of many away from tha truth.

On account of Skipper and his words, ya must endure hardship, persecution, ridicule, lies told about ya, slander, getting spat upon, pummeled with rocks, and lashed with tha whip.  Do tha work of a lookout in tha crow’s nest and boldly sound out Skip’s words. Tell all who ‘ill listen that our captain’s words be true and right. Fer as long as them reprobates ‘ill allow ya ter live, keep yer head in all situations.

If thar come a day when they march ya ter the gallows on account of Skip and his Son, smile with as many teeth as ya have left. Fer ya well know that yer treasure be found in tha moments after tha short drop and fast stop—and that treasure be ya standing be fer Skip himself.