Ah Little Doubt Poisons Ah Mind (Acts 14:1-7)

Ne'er Think That Jest Because Skipper Performs a Miracle That It'll Change Minds

Ah Little Doubt Poisons Ah Mind

Jews who refused to believe stirred up the other Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers. Acts 14:2 (Acts 14:1-7)

At Iconium Saul Paul and Barnabas went as they normal done in ter tha Jewish synagogue. As be fer, as near ’bout always when tha pair preached, they spoke so effectively ah great number of Jews and Greeks believed.

Only some Jews refused ter believe and stirred up tha other Gentiles and poisoned thar minds agin tha brothers. Not fellers ter be discouraged, Saul Paul and Barnabas spent even more time in Iconium, speaking boldly ’bout tha Son. As a result, tha Son confirmed tha message of our Lord’s grace by enabling ’em ter perform signs and wonders. Think on this a wee little bit:

Ah sign from Skipper appeals ter tha understanding of ah miraclous event. “How did this happen?” we may ask. Only ah sign itself not be tha main thing, but rather what it points ter: which be Skipper’s power and glory. Many ah time we kin see ah sign and still miss tha mark. Waves breaking in open water be a sign that a reef or bar be near tha surface. We might wonder at tha spectacle and admire tha beauty of breakers crashing onto blue water, but if we doth not see such ah wonder as a “sign” we may likely wreck our vessel.

Ah wonder appeals ter our imagination and leaves us in awe of Skipper. When ah thing happens that ought ter happen we count that as ordinary and expected. When something extra ordinary happens we wonder ’bout it. That be ah “wonder.” Ah wonder should lead us ter praise Skipper, shout with joy, and sing songs of thanks and admiration fer his glory.

Our lives ought ter be marked by signs and wonders. “God also testified to it [salvation through his Son] by signs, wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will.” (Hebrews 2:4) Signs point ter Skipper. Wonders cause us ter praise Skipper. And through tha mighty work of tha Holy Spirit of Truth, Saul Paul and Barnabas performed both in Iconium.

Only all these signs and wonders led ter a great deal of confusion and division among folks. Some sided with that Jews. Others sided with tha apostles.

When it looked like things might get out of hand, Saul Paul and Barnabas discovered thar whar ah plot afoot among Gentiles and Jews and local leaders ter snatch tha pair, give ’em ah beating and stone ’em ter death.

This often be tha way of Satan. What Skip means fer good, tha devil ‘ill pervert fer evil.

Praise be, when tha two found out about it, Saul Paul and Barnabas fled ter Lystra. Once thar they continued ter preach tha good spiel.

Ne’er think that jest because Skipper performs ah miracle that it’ll change minds. Might change some, but as long as ah dark veil covers tha minds of them living under tha lies of tha devil, even signs and miracles ‘ill be explained away by rebels and reprobates.

Tha greater wonder be how few believe that all Skipper created simply came about without his power and love. Of all tha wonders on earth, perhaps that be tha biggest wonder of all.