All About Folks Be Silent, Hanging on Ever Word of Tha Sun

Finding Jesus

All About Folks Be Silent, Hanging on Ever Word of Tha Sun

They went into Capernaum; and immediately on the Sabbath Jesus entered the synagogue and began to teach.   Mark 1:21

James and John, Simon and Andrew followed tha Sun in ter Capernaum, a small village on tha coast of tha inland sea. On tha Sabbath, which be Saturday in them days, tha Sun entered the synagogue and began ter teach. Now right off that ought ter ‘ave got tongues ter wagging on account of tha Sun be a carpenter and son of a carpenter, not a student of a famous rabbi. Most likely folks be asking whar tha Sun got his learning and from which rabbi.

Thing be, all stood stunned at tha Sun’s teaching, fer he spoke ter them as a feller who had authority, not as tha scribes. 

Way back in tha beginning, scribes only be fellers who made written copies of Skipper’s Code of Conduct, but as time went on folks began ter see ‘em as experts on Skip’s Code. Reason being, they knew Skip’s Code front ter back and could spout it from memory. Only tha thing be, knowing ’bout Skip’s Code not be the same as believing Skip’s Code.

A good many ter day know all manner of history ’bout Skipper’s Code of Conduct and claim ter read Skip’s words daily, study his words, pray his words, and seek ter live his words. Only they ‘ill admit they don’ actually believe his words. “The Bible says it, but I don’t believe that settles it,” be tha mantra fer many.  They ‘ill argue:

“We must read the Bible’s words in the light of their historical context and try to understand why the authors wrote what they wrote, and read its less humane verses (calls for vengeance, for example) in the light of its loftier verses (calls for love, mercy, and compassion). Most importantly as Christians, we are to read all of Scripture through the lens of Jesus Christ, his life, teachings, ministry, death, and resurrection. He is the only unmitigated Word of God.”

Tha Sun be tha “unmitigated Word of Skipper,” ya may lay ter that. He be tha author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). In tha beginning thar be tha Word, and tha Word was with Skipper, and the Word was Skipper (John 1:1). All things be made by tha Sun. Without tha Sun was not any thing made that be made (John 1:3).

When a feller says we “must read the Bible’s words in the light of their historical context,” he be suggesting tha Sun and Skipper not be smart enough ter know folks centuries later ‘ill read Skip’s words and think them words mean exactly what they say. If “historical context” disqualifies Skip’s words, then pert much all of Skip’s words be of no account since all be written long ago in a “historical context” that be different from ours.

When a feller says we must “try to understand why the authors wrote what they wrote,” he be suggesting tha motivation of tha scribe be of more importance than the motivation of Skipper’s Holy Spirit of Truth. A good many of them who wrote fer Skip had no idea how prophetic tha words they scribbled would be. Tha Apostle Paul wrote a good many letters from prison ter churches with instructions fer how folks whar ter conduct them selves. Doth we think Paul knowed them letters would make it in ter Skipper’s Code? If he had, would Paul ‘ave wrote differently?

When a feller says we must “read all of Scripture through the lens of Jesus Christ” what he really be saying is tha Sun who walked about in tha flesh be different than tha Sun who be with Skipper in Tha Garden when Adam and Eve be created–different from tha Sun who appeared in tha writings of Moses and all tha Prophets (Luke 24:27).

Folks like this know all manner of facts regarding Skipper’s Code of Conduct: facts that seem ter conflict with one another and confuse folks who doth not ‘ave tha Holy Spirit of Truth. Tha Advocate, the Holy Spirit of Truth, kin not deny Skipper and tha Sun (2 Timothy 2:13).

This be why when tha Sun steps up in Capernaum and begins preaching and teaching and explaining Skip’s Code, jaws dropped, eyes bugged out. All about folks be silent, hanging on ever word.

Tha mark of Scribes ter day be tha same as scribes of old: they deny tha power of tha Sun ter change folks and fill folks with that holiness of Skipper. Should ya find yer self learning under such folks, flee, fer ya kin be sure tha devil be near by right ready ter snatch away tha words of Skipper ‘fore they ‘ave time ter take root.