All Hands on Deck!

We Be Raiding Ships, Pillagin', an' Plunderin'

Dead Calm, Bone DryI be assembling ma crew ter help with tha launch of Dead Calm, Bone Dry.

Consider this yer invite ter ship aboard an join ma crew on this crazy voyage where we’ll be be raiding ships, pillagin’, an’ plunderin’. Crew members ‘ill receive:

A Kindle copy of Dead Calm, Bone Dry prior to its release (release date be March 14 – ma birthday)

10 other LPC Kindle ebooks

BE ENTERED IN A DRAWING for a grand prize.
(Grand prize be in tha treasure chest.)

‘Ave yer pirate name added to tha back of Dead Calm, Bone Dry.

Email to receive yer official ship’s papers.