All Kin Come Ter Tha Sun Jest as They Be, but Tha Sun ‘ill Never Leave Folks Be–he ‘ill Always Change Him Ter Be Like Him.

Finding Jesus

All Kin Come Ter Tha Sun Jest as They Be, but Tha Sun 'ill Never Leave Folks Be--he 'ill Always Change Him Ter Be Like Him.

“Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come. So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons” – Mark 1:38-39 (Mark 1:38-45)

“Let us go so that I may preach,” says tha Sun. “For that is what I came for.”

Not ter heal, though he did.
Not ter cast out demons, though he did.
Not ter gather ‘round him disciples and followers, though he did.

But ter preach: that be tha reason tha Sun says he come. Only while he went about preaching in synagogues he also drove out demons.

Now ya may think it odd that folks who come ter tha synagogue would not ‘ave a demon in ‘em, but a good many who gather in that name of the Sun be possessed or oppressed by unclean spirits. Ya only ‘ave ter listen ter thar words and see tha way they act ter know they be under tha power of a spirit not from Skipper. 

Some distance away from tha synagogue–fer it be a grave offense fer a feller of this sort ter be in Skipper’s Holy place–a leper come along begging fer relief. Fell ter his knees, he did, begging tha Sun ter, “Make me clean!”

Think on this a wee bit: a leper be an outcast, a feller or lass who folks ‘ill shy away from fer fear of catching what tha leper’s got.

In yer own life be thar a time when folks be standoffish with ya, not inclined ter get close or be seen with ya? Doth ya ‘ave some affliction or condition that leaves ya looking and feeling unclean, unattractive? Ter be sure, sin kin make ya feel unclean. Shame fer something ya done kin make ya feel unclean. Whar ya live, who yer parents be, how ya got ter yer station in life kin leave ya unclean. If any of this be yer situation, know this: tha Sun came fer ya. Why, if ya doubt that be tha case, ya only need ter look at tha heart of tha Sun.

Tha Sun be indignant at tha unfair treatment of that leaper. Upset, was he, at tha way others be shunning tha feller. Moved with compassion, tha Sun said ter tha wretched soul, “I am willing. Be cleansed.”

Cleansed and made whole, that ‘ought ter be what we receive when we gather with them who be in tha Sun.

This leper feller knew tha Sun could cleanse him. Kin ya say tha same ‘bout them ya sit under fer teaching ’bout tha Sun and Skipper? Doth they teach and preach tha Sun’s words with authority or do they pontificate ‘bout how tha Sun loves ya jest as ya are without nary a reason ter be cleansed, changed in ter his character, and made whole? Tha Sun cleans small blemishes and large, only it be on us ter come and cry out, “Cleanse me!”

Tha Sun warned tha leper ter keep his trap shut. “See that you say nothing to anyone,” tha Sun said.

But right off that leper went out and proclaimed freely and ter all what tha Sun done. Now ya might think that be a fine thing, only think on this: from then on tha Sun could no longer publicly enter a city, town, or village. Tha leper got what he needed, but ‘cause he disobeyed tha Sun’s command, others got nary a healing or tha help they wanted. From then on tha Sun stayed in unpopulated areas, but even then folks come ter him from ever where.

Thar be no insignificant directives with that Sun and Skipper. Ever word carries weight and importance. Orders we think ter be of no account, tha Sun sees as ‘aving grave consequences.

Make it yer task ter obey ever word tha Sun commands. Doth not be selfish and horde his blessings fer yer self. If he commands ya ter preach, then preach. If he commands ya ter keep quiet, then hush yer mouth.

Finally, find a gathering of tha Sun’s followers whar cleansing, repentance, confessing of sins, turning from sin and turning towards that Sun be preached and teached.

If ya seek tha power of the Sun, then find them who doth not simply talk ‘bout his power, but demonstrate his power.

Ya ‘ill know if ya come ter tha right place when ya see lives changed, character, motives, and actions of others changed.
Ya ‘ill know if ya come ter tha right place when ya see folks be abiding by Skipper’s Code of Conduct.
Ya ‘ill know if ya come ter tha right place when ya see folks in tha group loving others more’n they love them selves.

All kin come ter tha sun jest as they be, but tha sun ‘ill never leave folks be–he ‘ill always change them ter be like him.