Be Ah Lydia — Be Ah Bringer of Others 

In Tha Sun Thar Be No Division of Classes Due Ter Gender

"krenides river"

“If you consider me a believer in the Lord, come and stay at my house.” Acts 16:15  (Acts 16:11-15)

In Philippi Saul Paul, Silas, Tim, and Luke stayed several days and because thar whar not ah synagogue, tha Four trekked outside tha city gates ter find ah quiet place ter pray. While by tha banks of tha Krenides River, they spied ah group of lasses. One of ’em, Lydia, dealt in purple cloth. She also worshipped Skipper and kept his Code of Conduct.

Soon as tha Four arrived and commenced ter praying and teaching, Skip opened her heart ter receive Saul Paul’s message of repentance and salvation through tha Sun. When Lydia heard tha good spiel of Skip’s grace, she and all in her household whar baptized in tha river and welcomed in ter tha crew. Then Lydia invited tha four ter return with her ter her home in Thyatira.

Think on this ah wee little bit: when tha Sun walked about he spent ah goodly amount of time talking with and listening ter lasses. Back then, it be rare fer ah rabbi, ah teacher, ter talk ter ah grown woman ’bout Skip’s Code. Ya might say it be beneath ah feller. Only when it comes ter revealing tha truth of Skip’s words, tha Sun doth not see any difference ‘tween fellers and lasses. On tha banks of the Krenides River Saul Paul and tha other three continued what tha Sun started: they prayed with and taught lasses, baptized and welcomed ’em in ter tha crew.

In tha Sun thar be no division of classes due ter gender. In tha Sun all be welcomed. That be but one lesson we kin take from this story. Ah nudder be this: soon as Lydia believed and whar baptized, she fetched tha rest of her family so they could be baptized in ter tha Sun and saved from thar sins.

Be ya male or female, wife or husband, father or mother, make it yer task ter bring yer family in ter tha glorious light of tha Sun and his saving mercy.

Be ah Lydia. Be ah bringer of others.

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