Be Generous and Kind

When Jesus Whispers

Be Generous and Kind

“My friends, let your ears hear what I say: In times of disaster you will not wither; in days of famine you will enjoy plenty. The righteous who live according to the ways of my Father are known by their generosity. They give freely of what they have been given, for they know that all they have comes from the hand of my Father. They do not hoard their possessions or hold tightly to what they cannot keep, but instead offer up all they have as a blessing to those who are in need.

“If you will but do as my Father asks, your children will be blessed, for the Lord watches over these little ones, protecting them.

“Be generous and kind, for in doing so, you reflect the heart of my Father in heaven and bring glory to His name.” — Jesus

Psalm 37:19, 21, 26, 28