Be Not Simply Woke Up: Be Awake in Tha Sun. 

Finding Jesus

Child, I Say to You, Get Up!

“Little girl, I say to you, get up!” –  Mark 5:41 (Mark 5:22-29, 36-41)

One of tha synagogue leaders fell at tha feet of tha Sun.

Think on this a wee little bit:
A synagogue leader, a religious feller, sought out Skipper’s Sun. This be tha end of all us. We might think we be smart, religious, know ter much ter believe in some myth ’bout a god who created tha heavens and earth, but when them we love get deathly ill we be desperate fer help.

Tha synagogue leader said, “My little daughter is dying.”

Think on this a wee little bit:
We all be dying. Start dying tha moment we be born. Ter be sure, we don’ like ter think on this, but when we get alone with our thoughts and ponder tha horizon over tha bow, we know that one day tha ship we sail ‘ill press on without us. Been that way from that get go. Be that way ter tha end. All be dying.

“Please come and put your hands on her so that she will live.”

Think on this a wee little bit:
We ‘ill do most anything ter get help fer them we love, ter save them we love. Only most folks won’ bring them they love ter tha Sun ’till it be too late: ’till they be sniffling at a grave site and morning tha memory of a face they ‘ill never spy agin.

“Your daughter is dead,” said tha friends of tha synagogue leader.  Overhearing this, tha Sun told tha father of tha girl, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”

Think on this a wee little bit:
What looks like death ter other folks might simply be Skipper testing our faith. “Believe,” says tha Sun. “Be brave.” Will yer heart be brave enough ter believe?

When he set off fer tha home of tha little girl tha Sun only allowed Peter, James and John ter come with him. When tha Sun told tha mourners at the home that tha child be but asleep, ever one laughed at him.

Think on this a wee little bit:
Tha Sun expects us ter believe, be brave, and be surrounded by them who be brave and believe. Surround yer self with doubters and scoffers and they ‘ill try ter tear down yer faith in tha Sun. Doubt be weeds in yer field of faith. If ya find such among ya, do as tha Sun done. Cast ’em out of yer presence.

Tha Sun took the child’s father and mother and his disciples and went ter whar tha child lay. Only them who believe ‘ill see tha glory of tha Sun. And a glorious reunion it be. Tha Sun took tha child by her hand and said, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”).

Think on this a wee little bit:
When we be dead in our sins tha Sun takes our hand and says, “Child, I say to you, get up!” Even asleep, tha Sun calls ter us. Even when we be unable ter move, tha Sun tugs on our hand. Even when ever one else ‘as give up on us, tha Sun calls us by name and says, “Hey! Get up!”

Question be, will we get up or keep snoozing? Will we let them we love, them who be dead in thar sins, keep on snoozing? If ya be a mum or pop, aunt or uncle or grand parent make it yer task ter bring tha Sun ter yer child — in prayer first, actions second — so he kin lay his hand on ’em.

Be not simply woke up: be awake in tha Sun.