Stand Firm in Tha Faith, but Do So With Calm Conviction of Tha Sun

Finding Jesus

Stand Firm in That Faith, but Do So With Calm Conviction of Tha Sun

Be submissive to those who are older. – 1 Peter 5:5 (1 Peter 5:5-10)

Submit ter yer elders.
Put on humility.
Skipper gives grace ter tha humble, so humble yer self under Skip’s mighty hand.

Some preach that we be called ter stand up fer Skipper and tha Sun. Ter be sure, thar be times when taking a stand fer Skip’s Truth and Love be tha right call. Only, thar be a great many more times when tha right call be ter submit ter tha needs of others, be humble, show grace, offer mercy, or simply keep yer trap shut. If ya feel yer blood running hot and tha hairs on yer neck stiffening, ya kin be sure that be tha spirit of pride prodding ya ter say or do a thing that ‘ill harm Skip’s good name and reputation.

Besides which, it’ll harm others.

Be alert. Yer enemy prowls about looking fer folks ter devour. A good many times that black-hearted devil ‘ill snare a feller with tha very words of Skipper. Tha devil ‘ill twist Skip’s words and cast dispersion on tha Sun and Skipper, then watch fer us ter take tha bait.

Resist tha urge ter lash out.

Take a deep breath—then take another. And another ‘till ya have yer wits back in yer head and yer tongue secured.

Stand firm in tha faith, but do so with calm conviction. This be tha example of tha Sun. He ne’er ranted or thrashed about ‘cept fer that one time in tha Temple when he cleaned house. Rest of tha time he stood firm with tha steady hand of a helmsman sailing straight in ter a squall.

If ya humble yer self under tha mighty hand of Skipper he ‘ill:

  • Restore ya
  • Make ya strong
  • Make ya firm
  • Make ya stand fast through rough seas and gales

What be the final outcome of any action? That be tha question we ought ter ask. Plot its course and ya ‘ill know if that be a heading Skipper be asking ya ter steer.

Love Dives Down Deep Ter Save Folks

Finding Jesus

Love Dives Down Deep Ter Save Folks

Love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. – 1 Peter 4:8 (1 Peter 4:6-10)

Be clear minded so ya may pray in a proper way. Make it yer task ter be wise, discerning, and mature in yer decisions. Skipper ‘as given ya a mind; use it. With reason and sound judgement overlay Skipper’s words on tha matters placed be fer ya.

Love each other deeply. Love with fergiveness covers a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality without grumbling or complaining. Make it yer duty ter administer Skipper’s grace while serving others. This be tha example tha Sun set fer us; do likewise. Serve with tha strength Skip provides.

If anyone speaks tha words of tha Sun or from Skipper’s Code of Conduct, he should do so as one speaking on behalf fer Skipper.

Already a good many false prophets ‘ave gone out spewing all manner of deceptions. Ya ‘ill know thar stripes by tha way they twist Skipper’s words ter mean tha exact opposite of what Skip and tha Sun said. Such deceptions only be tha enemy probing our defenses and seeking ter find whar our fleet be weak in faith.

All will have ter give an account ter Skipper, even tha dead. Fer this reason tha gospel be preached.

If ya love others deeply, ya ‘ill make it yer task ter pray fer them who be deceived.

If ya love others deeply, ya ‘ill make it yer task ter present Skipper’s words without judgement. Leave tha condemnation ter Skip.

If ya love others deeply, ya ‘ill make it yer task ter fergive when folks lash out at ya on account of ya be seeking ter shine light in ter thar dark lives.

If ya love others deeply, ya ‘ill make it yer task ter die trying ter rescue them who be lost.

Love folks others deeply. Skipper does. Tha Sun does. Love dives down deep ter save folks.

Take a deep breath and plunge in.

Folks Think It Strange We Doth Not Plunge in With Them in Ter Tha Same Flood of Dissipation

Finding Jesus

Folks Think It Strange We Do Not Plunge in With Them in Ter Tha Same Flood of Dissipation

Since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin.- 1 Peter 4:1 (1 Peter 4:1-4)

If we be prepared ter suffer and ter face abuse with tha same attitude of tha Sun, then we be proving we agree with tha Sun and Skipper in all thar words and deeds. Tha Sun faced abuse and worse on account of Skipper’s Code of Conduct. We should do likewise. Our suffering be evidence we believe Skipper’s condemnation of sin. Our willingness ter suffer fer a feller we ne’er met but only believe in on account of some old book we read, be evidence we cling ter tha hope that tha Sun kin set us free from sin.

Tha Sun suffered in his body fer doing tha right thing by offering Skipper’s truth through love. Skip’s Law without love be like offering a thirsty feller water from a salt spring. It ‘ill only leave his soul more parched. Only Skipper’s Truth offered in Skipper’s Love kin revive a body. Bring tha Sun’s living water ter folks. Make it yer task ter suffer in this way.

If ya suffer fer holding ter Skipper’s Holy Code of Conduct then ya prove ya place more value on yer soul than body. If ya der things ter please yer body and gratify tha lust of tha flesh, then ya prove ya put more value on yer body than soul.

We all ‘ave spent enough time in tha past wandering around in darkness following tha ways of tha devil. Folks that follow tha ways of that black-hearted devil live ter gratify all manner of sexual perversions with a continual lust fer more. They get drunk, carouse about, participate in orgies, and prove they worship thar own self by participating in all manner of detestable acts which a decent feller dare not mention.

Folks of this sort think it strange we doth not plunge in with them in ter tha same flood of dissipation. And when we do not, they heap all sorts of abuse on us.

Be separated mentally and morally from all who promote such vile behavior. Skipper ‘as judged such folks in tha past with floods and fire from heaven and wild beasts and snakes. He ‘ill do so again, of this ya kin be sure. Yer faith be rooted in a person: tha Sun. Yer faith be rooted in tha knowledge of tha Sun and this comes from Skipper’s Code of Conduct. Arm yer self with tha same attitude of tha Sun and Skipper and ya ‘ill escape tha flames of hell, ya may lay ter that.