Advent – Day Twelve – There Was No Room for Them

When Jesus Whispers

Advent Day - Twelve - There Was No Room for ThemThere was no room for them. Perhaps you feel there is no room for you. Maybe some don’t see you, welcome you, understand your needs. When I came, many had no room for me. Many still do not have room for me. Will you make room for me?

My coming brought good news and great joy. My coming was for all people. I was born to you. This day Look for the signs of my coming to you. Peace I give to you. The favor of God rests upon those who welcome me.

You have heard. You have seen. Now go and tell. You say, “When have I heard. When have I seen?” Each time I act through those who are in me, you see me. Each time you read my words you hear me. Each time you tell others of the favor, gifts, help you receive in my name… you share me with others and glorify me.

Treasure this day. Treasure these things. Life is my gift. Keep my words and love in your heart!

Advent — Day Nine

When Jesus Whispers

Advent Day - Nine

Advent !!! I Am Coming Soon!

To the one who comes over to me, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.

Press on! endure hardships for my name. do not grow weary.

Steer clear of wicked people. Test those who claim to be in me but are not. You will know those in me by their fruit.

Avoid those who practice unrestrained indulgence, are sexually immoral, and put their confidence in money and power, prestige and knowledge.

Repent! I am coming soon. Those who I find doing the will of my Father will receive more light. Those who love evil, will stumble in darkness. Choose the Light of Life. I am your light. Come to me. Come into my light.

Advent — Day Eight

When Jesus Whispers

Advent Day - Eight

Advent !!!  I Am Coming Soon!

Come to me so I might give you great blessings. When you trust in me, you will be blessed.

I will do marvelous things for you. My mercy knows no limits. My grace reaches to all who trust in me.

I scatter the proud. I bring down rulers and exalt the humble.

The hungry I fill with abundant goodness, while the rich and proud I send away empty-handed.

Ask me to bless you and watch over you … to shower you with my grace and mercy. Ask for my face to shine upon you, radiating my warmth and favor.

I help those who put their trust in me. I Know the names of those who seek my help. Ask, wait, and put your faith in me.

My gaze is turned toward you. I offer you peace for your heart and soul. Allow my blessings to overflow in your life. Experience the fullness of my loving presence, provision, and protection. — Jesus

Advent — Day Seven

When Jesus Whispers

Advent Day - Seven

Advent !!! I Am Coming Soon!

Peace is your gift from me this Christmas. Unlike the peace offered by the world, my Peace cannot be stolen by conflict, consequences, or corruption. my Peace goes on forever.

My Peace comes with courage. When faced with violence, poverty, or death, my Peace will give you the courage to know with certainty that what comes after this life will be far greater than any momentary trials y0u may suffer now.

My Peace includes confidence in your prosperity. Regardless of what happens today, tomorrow, or beyond the grave, abundant life is your inheritance. I am life. I came that you might have life and have it to the full.

My Peace protects your relationships. If your friends are in me and I am in them, you will have all of eternity together. No need to worry about missed dates or important events; IN MY KINGDOM you’ll have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

My Peace gives you the courage to help others, and to be kind to all. Even if you face persecution for showing compassion, sharing my father’s words, or treating EVERYONE with respect and care, my peace will settle your spirit and give you the boldness to stand firm when persecution comes.

My Peace is greater than gold. MY Peace is free to all who ask me to be their King, Lord, and Savior. I am Jesus. I give you life and Peace in abundance. Receive my Peace this Christmas. — Jesus