It Not Be Tha Source of Tha Water That Matters, but Tha Source of Tha Spirit

Finding Jesus

It Not Be Tha Source of Tha Water but, Tha Source of Tha Spirit That Matters

Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan. Just as Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove – Matthew 3:16

Tha Holy Ghost of Truth comes ter us with both force and tha touch of a birds feather. Heaven be torn open on our account. It be like a hole carved in a starless night sky when a dot of light shines through. That light grows brighter as tha hole widens until its brilliance settles on ya. Though ya kin not feel tha light, ya know it be on ya.

John baptized his first cousin Jesus in a river. Wharn’t nothing special ‘bout tha water. Any old creek or pond would ‘ave suited tha purpose. It be tha source of tha Spirt that gave Jesus heavenly power.

Thar be all manner of spirits roaming about and any one of them kin alight on a feller.

One of tha first spirits ya find at work in tha world be that spirit of doubt. This be tha one tha devil laid on Eve in that Garden. Ya kin always tell tha spirit of doubt ‘cause it speaks tha phrase “if God” followed soon after with “then why?” Fer example:

“If Skipper be real, why thar be evil?”

“If Skipper loves us, how come he lets bad things happen?”

“If Skipper be all powerful, how come he didn’t heal (fill in tha blank) ?”

“If Skipper be real how come he didn’t answer my prayer?”

“If Skipper be perfect how come I be tha way I am?”

Once tha devil plants tha spirit of doubt in us, we take holt and make all sorts of excuses fer why Skipper not be real and powerful and all loving and such.

When ya hear “If God . . . then why?” that be tha spirit of doubt speaking, yer may lay ter that.

Tha disciple Thomas suffered from tha spirit of doubt. (John 20:25)
Our close friends might have a spirit of doubt.

Tha crowds that followed tha Son suffered from tha spirit of doubt. (John 6:30)
Them in our community might have a spirit of doubt.

Tha Son’s neighbors suffered from tha spirit of doubt. (John 4:48)
Our neighbors might have a spirit of doubt.

Tha Pharisees and teachers of Law suffered from tha spirit of doubt. (Matthew 12:38-40)
Tha leaders, teachers, and preachers in our church might have a spirit of doubt.

Tha Son’s own brothers suffered from tha spirit of doubt. (John 7:5)
Them in our family might have a spirit of doubt.

If ya ever hear a feller write or say or preach that doubting tha Son and Skipper be a good thing, run from that teaching fast as ya kin. Feller who promotes doubt and encourages folks ter question tha authority of Skipper, his words, and his perfect plan fer salvation be doing tha devil’s work, ya may lay ter that.

Be baptized with water.

Be baptized with Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth.

And if ya be baptized but still doubt, then ya kin be sure thar be a spirt of doubt oppressing ya. Cast it out by getting in ter Skipper’s word. When ya read Skipper’s Code of Conduct, tha Holy Ghost of Truth ‘ill battle against tha spirit of doubt. “Truly I tell you,” says tha Son, “if you have faith and do not doubt, it will be done.” (Matthew 21:21)

Fear be tha descendent of doubt.

Faith be tha descendent of belief.

Ya reap what ya sow.

Sow belief in Skip and his words and ya ‘ill be able ter live without fear of what man kin do ter ya, of this ya kin be sure.