Skipper Gives Ter Those Who Believe and He Does So Without Pointing Out Ever Little Fault That Be in Us

Finding Jesus

Skipper Gives Ter Those Who Believe and He Does So Without Pointing Out Ever Little Fault That Be in Us

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault. James 1:5 (James 1:1-9)

We be scattered among tha nations, but no worries, mate, count it as all good. In fact, count it as pure joy when ya face trials of ever sort that test yer faith. Such trials puts inter us a spirit of perseverance that turns us from tots in faith inter adults so that we lack no good thing fer carrying out Skipper’s work and commands.

If ya lack wisdom, ask Skip. Only when ya ask, believe with all yer heart and soul and mind that Skip ‘ill answer. A feller who asks Skip fer wisdom and then ‘as doubts ought not ter think he ‘ill get anything fer asking. Rascal like that be like a helmsman that tacks first one way, then a nudder until tha ship be in irons and carried along by currents rushing towards reefs and rocks. Feller of this sort ‘ill soon shipwreck his faith, ya may lay ter that.

Skipper gives ter those who believe and he does so without pointing out ever little fault that be in us. If ya not believe Skipper ‘ill give ya wisdom, if ya not believe Skipper’s words ah tall, then ya be destined ter wander in tha wilderness–maybe even ’till ya die. Thar be a good many stories and examples of this sort in Skipper’s Code of Conduct.


In this way ya ‘ill be lead by Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth. Though ya may wander a spell in a wilderness, ya ‘ill ne’er be alone. Skip ‘ill be by yer side tha whole passage, of that ya kin be sure.

Confess Ter an Elder if Ya Kin Find One, but if Ya Kin Not, Confess Ter a Brother in Tha Faith

Finding Jesus

Confess Ter an Elder if Ya Kin One, Sure, but if Not, Confess Ter a Brother in Tha Faith

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. – James 5:16

If it be hard ter pray when ya be in trouble, then it be near ‘bout impossible ter tell a feller all tha bad stuff ya done and think.

Oh ter be sure, some persuasions offer what they call “confessionals” whar a feller sits in a box so as ya kin not see him and listens ter yer unload all yer sins. Might make folks feel better, but tha confession tha brother of tha Son be speaking of demands that we answer ter a mate that hears us spout about our offensives.

If we be coming back week after week telling a mate ‘bout how we committed tha same vile act again and again, such a brother might be inclined ter step up, put his hand on our shoulder, and pray fer tha Holy Ghost of Truth ter strengthen us. That be what we need: prayer and strength through tha Son’s Spirit — a mate who ‘ill make sure we stick ter tha Code through and through.

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” says, tha Apostle Paul. (Galatians 6:2)

And what be a greater weight than ter know ya done wrong and kin not stop doing wrong.

If ya only spout stuff ter a feller ya don’ know and not likely ter see on tha street or in a grog shop, then ya hain’t unloaded yer load ah tall. It still be a secret only ya and Skipper know about.

But if ya give it ter a mate who cares fer ya, loves ya, wants ter see ya do right by Skipper and folks, well then ya got a brother who ‘ill shoulder on with ya during yer temptations and times of testing. It be a right hard thing ter tell a brother all tha filth that be in yer head, but that be tha charge.

Confess ter an elder if ya kin find one, but if not, confess ter a brother in tha faith—one ya kin trust, one who ‘ill not share yer sins with no one, not even his bed mate.


Be prayed over.

Be healed.

This be our solemn duty ter those in tha crew, ter tha Son, ter Skipper.

It Be a Right Fine Thing Ter Get All Tha Medical Attention Ya Kin, but First Turn Ter Skip

Finding Jesus

It Be a Right Fine Thing Ter Get All Tha Medical Attention Ya Kin, but First Turn Ter Skip

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. – James 5:13 (James 5:13-14)

If anyone be in trouble, he ought ter pray.

If anyone be happy, he ought ter rejoice and thank Skipper.

If anyone be sick, he ought ter call tha elders of tha church and ‘ave ’em pray over tha feller. Anoint him with oil in tha name of Skipper.

A prayer offered in faith will make a sick feller well. Skipper ‘ill see ter it and raise him.

Now ya may be thinking, “Hogwash. No way such silliness ‘ill work.” Well, how der ya know ’till ya try?

I wager a good many, if not most, ‘ave never asked tha elders of a church ter pray over’em. Goodness, most folks these days kin not even find a church elder on account of a good many churches no longer even abide by tha church structure tha Apostle Paul laid out fer us. They think church be a democratic gathering whar tha majority decides who be leaders, pastors, preachers, teachers and such. Why, if ya kin not find a group of elders, ya not likely ter find any oil in a place fer anointing.  So that be problem number one.

Problem number two be that most folks ‘ill not submit ter having folks lay hands on ’em. Makes ’em feel week and submissive. ‘Cept when ya sick, ya already be submitting: if not ter death then ter an affliction that leaves ya feeling puny.

Problem number three be finding folks of real faith who ‘ill offer prayers. A good many say they ‘ill pray fer ya, but don’ really believe Skipper ‘ill hear and act.

And happy? Why ter look upon some who claims ter follow tha Son you might think they suck on rancid lemons all tha day long. Sour dispositions, they ‘ave. Fer some, tha notion of thanking Skip fer good health, work, food, and shelter be as far away as tha east be from tha west.

Ter often when we gets inter trouble we cuss and stomp about. Praying be pert near tha last thing we ‘ill do. Should be tha first, but it seldom be.

Anyways, now ya have tha lay of things.

Be of good cheer.
Submit ter righteous fellers in good standing with Skip.
Submit ter tha healing hands and anointing of Skip.
Watch and wait fer Skip ter take yer hand and lift ya up.

Oh, it be a right fine thing ter get all tha medical attention ya kin, but first turn ter Skip. He always be anxious ter help them who loves him and looks ter him ter care fer thar body and soul.

Be Patient Until Tha Son Returns

Finding Jesus

Be Patient Until Tha Son Returns

Count those who have persevered as blessed. – James 5:11 (James 5:11-12)

Be patient until tha Son returns. Watch how tha farmer waits fer tha land ter yield its valuable crop. Ya be patient, too.

Stand firm.

Doth not grumble.

Be not complaining ‘bout folks.

Be not holding a grudge agin another feller.  If ya do, Skipper i’ll judge ya.

Like tha prophets of old, be patient in tha face of suffering—suffering that be both natural and normal—suffering that comes from doing right by Skipper and his Son.

Count yerself blessed when ya persevere. Ya ‘ave seen how Skipper finally, after a long time, brought restoration ter Job. Skipper be full of compassion and mercy.

Above all doth not swear. Swearing be contempt fer Skipper and his holiness.

Before Skipper’s message kin liberate folks, his message ‘as ter liberate us. Get free of sin yerself. Then ya kin see how to preach and teach Skipper’s message ter others. A preacher be a feller who ‘as received tha call from Skipper and be determined ter use all his wits and will, strength and gumption ter proclaim Skip’s truth and liberating good news.


Be patient.

Stand firm.

Them three convictions themselves be blessings of a sort that kin bring joy ter a feller.

Tha Blood of Tha Dead Cry Out Fer Justice and Convict Tha Rich Fer Not Spending Thar Wealth on Thar Neighbor

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Tha Blood of Tha Dead Cry Out Fer Justice and Convict Tha Rich Fer Not Spending Thar Wealth on Thar Neighbor

You rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. – James 5:1 (James 5:1-6)

Listen up, ya rich folks! Ya, us and all be a mist that be fer a wee bit, then poof! We be gone.

Rich folks ‘ill weep and wail on account of tha misery that be coming ter them. Thar gold an’ silver be corroded. Like acid, thar corrosive ways ‘ill eat up thar flesh ’till thar be nothing left but bones.

“Why?” says ya. “What ‘ave tha rich done ter deserve such a fate?”

On account of tha rich be hoarding wealth.

On account of tha rich failed ter pay workers thar pay.

On account of tha rich failed ter pay tha harvesters a fair day’s wage.

On account of tha rich be living in luxury whilst gorging themselves on fine foods and drink.

On account of tha rich be fattening themselves like a sow whilst thar neighbor starves.

On account of tha rich ‘ave not condemned them who murder innocent men, women, and children.

Like Cain, tha blood of tha dead cry out fer justice and convict tha rich fer not spending thar wealth on thar neighbor.

Do Not Slander a Feller Mate

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Do Not Slander a Feller Mate

Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. – James 4:11 (James 4:11-12)

Do not slander a feller mate. Anyone who speaks against his mate, speaks against Skipper’s Code of Conduct.

Anyone who judges his mate, judges against Skipper’s Code of Conduct.

When ya judge Skip’s Code, ya not be keeping ter his words of Conduct. Instead ya be sitting in judgement on Skip’s law and ordinances, precepts and statutes.

Thar be only one Lawgiver and that not be us.

Thar be only one Judge and that not be us.

Thar be only one able ter both save and destroy and that not be us.

We be not tha Lawgiver or Judge or tha one who kin save or destroy. If that be tha case, we best not presume ter judge our neighbor. That be Skip’s job and his alone.

Friendship With Tha World Be Hatred Fer Skipper

Friendship With Tha World Be Hatred Fer Skipper

You adulterous people! Don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.
– James 4:4

Friendship with tha world be hatred fer Skipper. Any feller who choses ter be a friend of tha world be an enemy of Skip.

Now when it comes ter quarrels and fighting, such riff-raff be tha result of tha wicked desires ya harbor in side ya. Such vile cravings battle ter get some thing ya want.

Ya do not get what ya want on account of ya not ask Skipper. Thing be, when ya do ask Skip, ya do so in order ter spend what ya get on yer self and yer foul pleasures.

Skipper’s Code of Conduct be clear on such matters: what ever blessings ya receive is ter be spent on others, not yer self.

Help yer self a little. Help others mostly. That be tha desire of Skipper.

And such a course be tha exact opposite of what tha world spouts, ya may lay ter that.