Crew Serving Skipper Be Tha Pillar and Foundation of Tha Truth

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer serving Skipper with tha truth

Crew Serving Skipper Be Tha Pillar and Foundation of Tha Truth

The church of the living God is the pillar and foundation of truth.- 1 Timothy 3:15 (1 Timothy 3)

I be writing so ya ‘ill know how crew ought ter conduct themselves under Skipper’s command. When we serve under Skip, we be, as it were, his Church. Odd thing ter say, I know. A ship don’ look like no church I ever seen. But there ’tis. Crew serving Skipper be tha pillar and foundation of tha truth.

No question, Skipper be fer us, leading us, and we be acting in accord with Skip’s Code of Conduct be a great mystery. One fer the ages.  So here be some clues as ter how this mystery be played out.

First off we be but humble pirates and thar be a great many long words in what follows, but the long and short of tha mystery be this: Skip wrote himself inter our story by taking on flesh and bones and getting himself birthed by a young lass who had ne’er even lay with a feller. Now a thing like this ne’re happened ‘fore or since.  Fancy folks call such a thing an “incarnation.” Fer most of us in tha crew, tha notion that a virgin give birth ter Skip’s one and only boy be a great conundrum that our feeble minds kin not wrap our tentacles around. This be mystery clue number one.

Second, after Skipper wrote himself inter our story and got birthed by a lass who ne’er laid with a man, he carried himself in such ways as ter ne’er break tha Code of Conduct. Not once. Not ever. Ain’t been a feller in all history who done a thing like that. This be mystery clue number two.

Third, Skip’s Sun, who be tha spitting image of Skipper, goes and gets himself sentenced ter tha gallows. Only not fer any offence he committed, but fer something I done. ‘Cept I hain’t even been born yet and would be not born fer centuries. Still, tha Sun takes all tha grievances laid ter me fer things I done in private and public and right thar in front of all, tha Sun says he’ll take tha punishment fer me. He’ll walk ter that gallows and swing fer my account. And he did. This be mystery clue number three.

Fourth, and I gots ter say, this one leaves me perplexed, after Skip’s boy goes ter Davy Jones and this dying business be done with, tha Sun rose from his watery grave. Ever deck swab knows dead men don’ tell tales and they sure as scurvy don’ come back from tha dead. But thar be tha Sun shining down on us, live like always. Warming us with his spirit whilst he guides us home. This be mystery clue number four.

Fifth, all then that follow after tha Sun speak of Skipper’s “secret wisdom,” a wisdom that be hidden in tha past, but that Skip destined fer our glory ‘fore time and sea and stars was made. Now it be plain as plunder that none of tha kings and queens and commodores who come ‘fore us understood ‘bout this “secret wisdom.” If’en they had, they wouldn’t have killed Skip’s boy. This be mystery clue number five.

Thar be other clues ter this mystery but tha long and short of it be this: We get our very life from tha Sun. Folks of all stripes, lubbers as well as hearty seaman, can sign on with Skip and sail under tha Sun. Do this and ya kin be turned inter what ya was destined ter become whilst ya was in yer mum’s tummy. Only tha Sun himself kin perform this mystery miracle.

So that be tha lay of things. Tha truth of tha Sun, Skipper writing himself inter our story, and his boy dying so we kin live like we be meant ter live from tha get go, that sums up tha great mystery of Skipper.

What says ya? Will ya turn ter tha Sun and sail true? Be made right? Be made whole? Be made inter tha image of tha Sun and become perfect jest like he be perfect? If so, welcome aboard, mate.