Dealing With Rejection

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Dealing With Rejection

The Son of Man must be rejected. – Mark 8:3 (Mark 8:31-35)

Skipper kin do nothing fer us until we reach tha end of our limits. Long as we still be thinking in tha ways of common folks, we ‘ill live a lowly life.

When it come time ter speak plainly ter tha Twelve, tha Son laid out some hard truths: some things they doth not wish ter hear.

Tha Son told’em that he must be rejected. Now he be speaking of tha elders, tha chief priests, and tha teachers of tha law, but they be not tha only ones who give him tha cold shoulder. Common folks, rich folks, wicked folks also turn up thar nose at tha Son.  Same with us. Most ‘ill reject tha good spiel we share ’bout how we kin be fergiven of our sins, changed so we don’ sin no more (eventually), and receive a new body so we kin live with Skipper and tha Son fer ever. Ya might think folks would want this gift, but that not be tha case.

Th Son told’em that he must be killed. Few like ter speak of thar impending death. Fewer still wish ter speak of being murdered. Yet, thar it be fer tha Twelve ter digest. Old Pete, being impetuous like he whar, no doubt spoke fer tha other eleven when he rebuked tha Son and said such a thing ought not ter happen.

But tha Son replied, “Get behind me Satan. You have the things of man in mind, not the things of my Father.” Thar be a type of panic which has no hope ah tall. Thar also be a panic when we realize that thar not be one good thing in our flesh, that ever thought be wicked and vile (Romans 7: 18).  This be tha rebuke tha Son give Old Pete. Same with us: we got ter get past our carnal thinking and get tha mind of Skipper and his thoughts.

Tha Son told’em that he must be raised again.  If ya ever been at a low point and then be raised up by the hand of Skipper, then ya know tha wonderful peace and comfort that comes when tha “everlasting arms” of Skipper scoops ya up. Skip be our refuge, our sanctuary (Deuteronomy 33: 27). But fer Skip kin raise us up we got ter be knocked down a bit.

Dealing with rejection be part of taking up our cross and following tha Son. Ne’er take it personal. Folks not be rejecting us, but tha Son. We only be messengers of tha good spiel. What folks do with tha news be on them. Our task simply be ter be obedient ter Skip’s Code and our calling, ter love all, and be faithful ter tha Son.

Do that and when ya come upon wave after wave of rejection, ya ‘ill know yer sailing tha right course.