Don’ Be Sharing Yer Answer With Everyone – Wait Fer an Invite

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Don’ Be Sharing Yer Answer With Everyone - Wait Fer an Invite

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. – 1 Peter 3:15 (1 Peter 3:13-18)

Thar be several things ter consider from Saint Pete’s good words.

First off be prepared ter give an answer fer tha hope ya have in tha Son’s saving mercy. Don’ be like some in tha crew who lounge about neglecting thar duties, drinking, playing cards, tossing dirks at tha mast. When a asked how come they be aboard one of Skipper’s vessels ya might get a shrug from ‘em but not a reliable and coherent explanation of how they came ter believe in tha Son and Skipper.

Second, don’ be sharing tha reasons fer yer hope in tha Son with everyone. Wait fer an invite. Some may ask ter hear yer tale. Others may simple hint that they be curious. We got some fellers lounging about when they should be preparing ter give an answer. Others be up in tha crow’s nest hollering at all who passes by ‘bout how they love tha Son and all he did fer ‘em. Kin not blame a feller fer spouting off when he be in love, but in all matters we be ter show respect and gentleness. This goes fer giving folks space and a wee bit of silence when they don’ look tha least bit interested in our tale of hope.

Third, be them two words jest mentioned: respect and gentleness. Ya show respect fer Skipper and tha Son when ya show respect fer others. If ya need a lesson on respect, ask Skipper. Or if yer mum and pop still around, ask them how ter show respect. Don’ be pushy. Don’ be bossy. Don’ bully folks in ter hearing yer reasons fer believing in Skipper and tha Son. Be a gentle feller. Be a gentle lass. Be gentle as a feather resting on tha back of yer hand.

Tha way ya treat others be tha way a good many ‘ill think Skipper treats them who be in his crew. Answer fer tha hope ya ‘ave in a gentle, considerate, and respectful manner. Keep a clear conscience so ya not be double-minded. Might be if ya behave as such, some will ask ya ter tell ’bout yer tale of hope.

Be ready when they do.

Be ready ter keep yer trap shut when they don’.

Could be tha way you behave ‘ill say more than yer words ever will.