Don’ Skip Steps. Skip Always Be in Tha Details (Acts 9:17-19)

Finding Jesus in Small Steps

Don' Skip Steps. Skip Always Be in Tha Details

Placing his hand on Saul Paul, Ananias said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus has sent me. May you see again. Brother Saul, be filled with the Holy Spirit.” In that moment Saul Paul could see again. He got up and was baptized. Taking some food, he regained his strength. (Acts 9:17-19)

Let’s take a look at that steps Saul Paul went through when be changed from Saul ter Paul.

First off a disciple of tha Son laid hands on him. Laying on of hands be an outward sign of an inward change ter come. Tha Son laid hands on folks and they be healed, got thar sight back, got back thar speech and hearing. With hands laid on by tha Son demons and unclean spirits be cast out. Be thar magic in laying on of hands? Hardly. Thar be nothing magical ’bout Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth, but thar be a mighty dose of power in his Spirit, ya may lay ter that.

Second Ananas called Saul Paul “brother.” This be an affirmation from Ananas that Saul Paul’s heart be right be fer he took part in tha baptism. Some folks get baptized in water and tha Spirit but ne’er receive tha Son or tha Spirit. We know this on account of tha way Simon tha Sorcerer behaved. Saul Paul’s heart be tender ter Skipper’s words and eager ter turn towards Skipper and submit ter tha Son as Lord.

Saul Paul be blind in his current self. Some time earlier tha Son had said ter tha Pharisees, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains (John 9:41).” It be a right fair bet that Saul Paul be in that group when tha Son laid that accusation on them fellers. So while Saul Paul thought he saw things clear, he be blind as a drunk on a midnight watch. 

Only once Saul Paul got tha Holy Ghost of Truth in him he got back both physical sight and fer tha first time true spiritual sight. This be tha miracle of tha Holy Spirit. We get tha eyes of Skipper.

Saul Paul then stood. Once we ‘ave tha Holy Ghost of Truth we ‘ave his strength ter stand.

Saul Paul whar baptized with water. Our baptism be tha outward ceremony that confirms we give ourself completely over ter tha Son and be married ter him fer ever and ever.

Saul Paul got his strength back. When we be weak, he is strong (2 Corinthians 12:11).

These be small steps, but crucial steps ter getting in ter tha Son and tha Son getting in ter us. Don’ skip steps. Skip always be in tha details. This be especially so when it comes ter steps. Skip loves a good walk with us. Step out, step in, step right.