Doth We Depend on Our King’s Provision Fer Our Food? (Acts 12:19-24)

Open Skip's Word. Feast on him. Pray back ter him his promises fer provision.

Doth We Seek Food Fer Our Bellies Be Fer We Seek Food Fer Our Souls?

They depended on the king’s country for their food supply. – Acts 12:20 (Acts 12:19-24)

A man named Agabus had prophesied a famine would spread over tha entire Roman world. Herod Agrippa, also known as Herod Number Two, had already beheaded James, tha brother of John. Seeing as how folks loved ter see blood spilt, Number Two arrested Old Pete, perhaps with tha idear of getting ahead of trouble, fer tha famine be spreading.

But with tha help of Skip’s angel, Old Pete escaped.

With folks wondering how one man could escape sixteen Roman guards, an embarrassed Number Two slipped away. This often be tha way of them in charge. When tha going get tough, tha lily-livered skedaddle. So it be with Number Two.

From Judea ter Caesarea, Number Two traveled ter Tyre and Sidon and stayed thar a while. Fer some time Number Two had been quarreling with folks. Them under tha rule of a king often be at odds with them in charge. Securing tha support of Blastus, a trusted personal servant of Number Two, emissaries fer folks asked fer a meeting with tha king.

Thar issue be this: the people of Tyre and Sidon depended on tha grain fields of Galilee fer food. In tha land thar be a famine, jest like Agabus had warned. Now tha king had planned ter kill Old Pete tha day after tha feast of Unleavened Bread ended, but then Old Pete vanished. Tha feast of Unleavened Bread celebrated Skipper’s miraculous provision fer his people. Besides which, tha appetite of folks fer wickedness, violence, and bloodshed be insatiable. So ya might say this tale ’bout different sorts of food.

On tha appointed day of tha big meeting, Number Two wore his royal robes, reminding all that he be king and ruler and worthy of honor. He sat on his throne and looked down on folks. He delivered a public address. And if it be like most public comments from a pontificating leader, his talk no doubt put folks ter sleep. When done, when folks nudged thar neighbor awake, in one voice tha crowd shouted, “This is the voice of god, not a man.”

Flattery ‘ill always get ya somewheres, but that somewheres not always be tha destination ya hoped.

Number Two ate up thar words, reveled in thar praise, perhaps encouraged ’em ter shout louder, compliment him more. Immediately, because he doth not give praise ter Skipper, an angel of Skip’s struck him down. Writhing in pain, worms began ter feast on his body.

Some years earlier, Herod tha Great, Number Two’s grandpop, got a bad case of gonorrhea. As any who ‘as been in port knows, being friendly with tha ladies always leads ter trouble, if not right off, after ya sail off. No doubt Great’s condition probably led to an infection of his inner plumbing. This caused wee wee ter leak inside body and spread bacteria. Several reports testify tha Herod tha Great “had a terrible desire to scratch himself,” in ter his lower parts. This scratching could have introduced gangrene directly into the area. Records also indicate that swelling at tha leader’s groin was further wracked by an infestation of worms. Most likely tha worms be maggots feeding on tissue. This be how Herod tha Great, Number Two’s grandpa, died.

And now worms began ter slowly eat Number Two. Worms eat, same as folks. Kings die, same as slaves. That be one way ter look at this tale.

Here be another: tha end of this tale concludes with an interesting phrase. “But the word of God continued to increase and spread.”

From a famine ter tha death of Herod Number Two, satisfying tha appetite of folks be tha main theme. Only think on this a wee little bit: back then tha word of Skipper increased. Tha word of Skipper spread. Tha word of Skipper sustained souls.

They depended on the king’s country for their food supply. – Acts 12:20

Doth we depend on our King’s provision fer our food? Or doth we seek food from other kings be fer we feed our soul on Skip’s words?  No amount of food kin keep a feller or lass alive fer ever. Ever body goes down ter Davy Jones. But through tha body of Skip’s Son, we kin feast on spiritual nourishment that helps our souls ter thrive.

Seek provision from Skip first and our bodies ‘ill ‘ave enough fer each day. Tha Son said as much when he promised that Skipper takes cares of his sparrows and folks tha same.

Question be, what’s on yer plate ter day? Scraps that leaves ya hungry later? Or tha words of Skipper that quiet tha grumbling in yer belly?

Open Skip’s Word. Feast on him. Pray back ter him his promises fer provision. Give ter tha one true God all glory. Enjoy “tha spread” laid out by Skip. He loves ter see us feast on his words. And after ya ‘ave enjoyed a belly full, spread tha good news of his feast ter others so that they may increase in tha weight of Skipper’s Holy character.

Amen and amen.