Evil Attracts Evil

When Jesus Whispers

“Once a man with an evil spirit met me. He lived in tombs among the dead. Even though he was chained hand and foot and kept under guard, he tore his chains and broke the irons on his feet. No one was strong enough to subdue this man. Night and day the demons cried out and hurt the man. When he saw me from a distance, he ran to me and fell on his knees. ‘Swear to God you will not torture me!’ When I asked, he told me his name was Legion, for many evil spirits lived inside the man. At the requests of these demons I sent them into pigs. Then the man, in his right mind, asked to come with me. But those in the area requested I leave their region.

“He who has ears, learn from this: Evil seeks death, is free to roam about, cannot be controlled or subdued by any man, is at work night and day, seeks to hurt all and complains loudly when threatened. Evil has great vision and if left unchecked, attracts more wickedness. Evil prefers to inhabit the vile and filthy. Evil controls the minds of men. And yet, men prefer the presence of evil rather than my righteousness. Seek evil and you will remain in torment. Come to me and evil will cower at my feet, for evil cannot remain in my presence.” — Jesus

Mark 5:1-20