Folks Placed the Sick in the Marketplace Ter Be Healed

Mark 6:54-56 The Son Healed All

Folks Placed the Sick in the Marketplace Ter Be Healed

They placed the sick in the marketplaces. – Mark 6:56 (Mark 6:54-56)

People recognized the Son.

They ran ter him.

They carried ter him the sick on mats.

They came ter where ever they heard he whar.

Where ever the Son be, folks placed the sick in the marketplace ter be healed.

Be this how we treat our sickly relatives and friends? Do we bring ’em ter the Son? Or do we wail and weep over thar condition, complaining aloud and in our spirit of thar infirmities and ailments — of how thar condition burdens us and robs our future of all hope?

Skipper did not create folks ter be sick. Sickness be a symptom of sin: sin from the curse of Adam and sometimes sin from the things we done. No matter what the source of the sin, the Son comes ter heal us. Not nary a one be disqualified on account of a sin. All who touched the Son whar healed.

Be thar a doctor aboard? Fine. Take yer mate ter Doc. Be thar a surgeon aboard. Fine. Tote yer loved one ter the cutting table. Only know this: the Son stands ready at all times in ever way ter heal and make us whole.

He done so two thousand years ago. He can do so ter day if only we ‘ill ask and believe.