Getting More of Skip Whilst We Be in a Wilderness Be a Right Fair Trade

Daily Scripture Devotional

Getting More of Skip Whilst We Be in a Wilderness Be a Right Fair Trade

Immediately the Spirit *brought Him out into the wilderness.- Mark 1:12

Soon as tha Sun took a dip fer Skip tha Holy Spirit of Truth compelled him ter go in ter tha wilderness. This not be tha first time Skipper or his Spirit give a feller a hard nudge ter send ’em off in ter tha unknown.

Right after Adam and Eve messed up, Skip kicked ‘em out of tha Garden. Keep in mind, all manner of animals and wild beasts be roaming about back then. Why, only a few days ‘fore tha pair got tha boot, Adam and Eve be playing with the lioness and her cubs. After thar sin, though, with them being on tha outside looking in, that lioness whar near ’bout ready ter tear tha couple from limb ter limb. Such be tha attitude of tha wild things that live under tha curse of sin.

Whilst trapped as slaves in Egypt, Skip commanded his chosen ones ter go in ter tha wilderness. At first they be excited fer tha adventure, but after a month or more of roaming about, they got ter grumbling and complaining. Had it been put ter a vote, most would ‘ave voted ter return ter thar old home, but like with Adam and Eve, Skip fixed it so they not be able ter go back ter tha safety of slavery. 

Better ter live free and die, than ter die without ne’er living: that be tha abundant life in tha Sun.

Elijah got sent ter tha wilderness.

David fled ter tha wilderness.

Most all of us gets ter spend time in tha wild.

Often in tha wild ya not be knowing whar yer next meal ‘ill come from or if ya ‘ill find water or shelter. In tha wild yer sandals wear out, feet get tuckered out, cloak be turned inside out on account of it so worn its innards be its outards. 

But in in all cases if Skipper be tha one who sent ya in ter tha wild, he ‘ill also be tha one standing thar waiting ter welcome ya back from yer trek.

What be tha wilderness yer avoiding? What be tha wilderness yer trying ter escape? Be it an affliction, condition, incarceration? Be it tha slums with thar gangs, poverty, a mate who pounds on ya all tha time and won’ let ya leave?

If ya be wandering about in a wilderness, know this: Skipper be among tha wild things with ya. Oh, I know we wish Skip would simply hoist us on ter his back and carry us out of tha wilderness, but most times he wants us ter have more of his strength, more of his stamina, more of him.

Of this ya kin be sure: getting more of Skip whilst we be in a wilderness be a right fair trade. Only tha thing be, ya kin not get more of Skip without giving up some of yer self, some of yer safety, some of yer control.

If ya feel tha Holy Spirit of Truth nudging ya ter take a hike in ter tha wild, confirm tha call with Skip, then set off. A feller who sits on his duff and does tha same thing all day ‘ill seldom ‘ave a tale ter tell. Fer tha good yarns, ya got ter go ter whar tha wild things roam.


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