Great Faith Healing — Luke 7:1-10

Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

Great Faith Healing — Luke 7-1-10

A feller who whar highly valued by his captain come down with a deathly disease. When the captain heard the Sun whar in the area, he put inter port and sent some religious chaps he knew ter find the Sun. Though they did not believe him ter be the Sun of Skipper, these chaps approached the Sun and earnestly pleaded with him, saying, “This captain deserves you to do this for him, for in the past he helped us build our place of worship.”

Inclined ter help, fer this be the way of the Sun, off he trekked ter tha wharf with these religious chaps. As they approached the gangplank, the captain stepped ter the ship’s railing and called, “No need ter come aboard. I not be worthy ter be in yer presence. As a captain, I be accustomed ter giving orders and ‘aving crew obey, so if ya ‘ill jest say the word, my sick crew member, who I prize greatly, ‘ill be healed.”

The Sun, stunned at the captain’s faith, turned to those following him and said, “This is incredible. Here is a man who knows little of me or my Father and yet he believes.” Pivoting back towards the ship, the Sun said, “Sir, you have great faith. Your friend is healed.”

At that moment the chap on his death-bed-bunk whar made whole and healed.

  • Be thar someone you highly value who be sick?
  • ‘Ave ya heard of the Sun?
  • ‘Ave they heard of the Sun?
  • ‘Ave ya send folks ter tell ’em ’bout the Sun? Will ya go and tell ’em?
  • Be thar some religious folks close ter ya who know of the Sun but refuse ter believe in him? Might be they even call themselves followers of the Sun, but deny his power and righteous authority. Will ya go and tell ’em of all the Sun done fer ya and them ya love?
  • Will ya plead earnestly with the Sun fer them ya love ter be healed? 
  • Because of yer sins do ya count yerself unworthy ter be in the presence of the Sun. No need ter feel shamed. We all be scoundrels and reprobates in need of saving and healing. Simply fess up and do yer best to be more like the Sun. Whatever ya lack, when ever ya slip up, he ‘ill cover ya with his grace and mercy.
  • If ya truly believe the Sun ter be Skipper’s only boy, the one on whom all heavenly power and authority rest, will ya ask him ter day, right now, ter say the word, “Be healed name of them who need healing” so that them ya love ‘ill be made whole?

This captain displayed GREAT FAITH in the Sun. Do ya? Will ya? The very lives of them ya love may be depending upon ya ter step up and BELIEVE!

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