Honor Your Mother; Pray for Her

When Jesus Whispers

“Honor your mother. A wife of noble character is a rare gem. She shines with immeasurable value. Her actions bring goodness, never harm. She approaches her tasks with enthusiasm. She brings sustenance, awakening before dawn to embrace her responsibilities. Her arms are strong, capable of accomplishing all the challenge that come her way. Even in the darkness, her lamp remains lit, for she is up early and the last to lie down. Her heart opens wide to embrace those in need, extending her hands to those who ask for help. Clad in strength and dignity, she faces the future with laughter and joy, removing fear in the hearts of her children.

“Her words are seasoned with wisdom, and her tongue conveys faithful instruction. With persistence, she watches over her household, refusing to live a life of idleness. Her children rise and proclaim her blessings; when old they recall how she cared for them. Her husband — if he is not a fool — praises her without measure. Among her noble deeds, her love surpasses them all. External charm deceives, and physical beauty fades, but a mother who trust in me is to be praised above all.” Jesus (Exodus 20:12, Proverbs 31)