How Der Ya Read that water, Mate?

Finding Jesus

How Der Ya Read It, Mate?

“What is written in the Law?” Jesus asked. “How do you read it?”- Luke 10:26-28

What be written in Skipper’s Code of Conduct? This be a question ever feller must answer.

Now if ya hain’t ne’er read Skipper’s Code of Conduct it be a might hard ter give an answer. Then tha question be: how come ya hain’t? Doth ya lack a copy of Skipper’s words? If so, get yer self a copy. Tha treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven be in that book, though only a few find ‘em. A good many folks be so content with tha life they be living that finding Skipper’s treasured prizes not be a thing that comes ter thar mind. So that be issue one: having yer own copy of Skipper’s words.

Issue two be reading. A good many folks who ‘ave a copy of Skipper’s Code of Conduct refuse ter crack tha book. They think that ‘aving a copy on a bookshelf be like owning some magic talisman–that ‘ill bring ‘em good luck and protection by jest being gathering dust. Skipper’s words not work like that.

Ya gots ger get in ter Skipper’s words be fer his words kin get in ter ya.

Ya ‘ave ter read with that intensity of a feller trying ter fathom tha depths of a narrow and treacherous channel slicing through a reef. One wrong read and ya might grind tha keel on sharp coral and shipwreck yer vessel. Here be a simple pattern and example fer reading any of Skipper’s words.

HOW do you read the Law?

How DO you read the Law?

How do YOU read the Law?

How do you READ the Law?

How do you read THE Law?

How do you read the LAW?

Putting tha emphasis over each word of a question or command of Skip’s be like moving a magnifying glass over a chart. Such intensity and enlarged examination brings in ter focus tha perils of that particular passage and tha prudent course ya must sail. Tha Holy Ghost of Truth be yer magnifying glass. Tha Son’s Spirit knows what each word means fer each feller on each day. Some days ya ‘ill spy one thing ya ne’er seen before, next day ya ‘ill spy ah nudder.

Thing be, ya ‘ill ne’er get ter tha hidden treasures of Skipper’s words, until ya get tha Holy Ghost of Truth in ya.

Get Skip’s Spirit. Read his words. Then believe and obey. If ya stick ter Skipper’s Code he ‘ill ne’er steer ya wrong, ya may lay ter that.