I Chronicles 5

The battle was God's. I Chronicles 5:22God stirred up the spirit of Pul. I Chronicles 5:26

The battle was God’sI Chronicles 5:22

So God handed over their enemies because they cried out to him. He answered their prayers because they trusted in himI Chronicles 5:20


Lord, today I ask that you stir up within me YOUR Spirit. My battles are yours. I cry out to you. I need your help! Please answer me. Please fight this fight for me. I trust in you. You alone are my savior. Please help.


So many people are devoted to causes and so few devoted to Jesus. ~ Oswald Chambers

Jesus Christ is deeply offensive to the educated minds of today. ~ Oswald Chambers

The characteristics  of a Christian life is its seeming insignificance and meekness. ~ Oswald Chambers