I Shall Not Be In Want

Psalm 23

I Shall Not Be In Want“He leads me …” Lord, lead me into ways to be a better leader, father, husband, and friend. Lead me into a life of right-standing before you.

“He restores …” Lord, restore those areas in my life where I’ve incurred loss. You know those areas. We discuss these things daily.

“He guides …” Lord, guide me in my job and my relationships. You know what lies ahead; I can only see a few feet in front of me and what I see scares the be-Jesus out of me.

“He is with me …” Lord, thanks for sticking by my side when others flee, when I am gripped with fear: when I want to cower and cry.

“He comforts me …” Lord, you know those worries that dog me, that awake me at 5 am. Please comfort and care for me as you have promised.

“He anoints me …” Lord, anoint me with your Spirit. Place your truth within my heart. May I have your courage to speak up for those who are persecuted because they accept you as their savior and advocate. May I speak out against those who lie about you and your sacrifice on the cross. May I stand with you even if it costs me my friends, family, and life.

“Goodness and love will follow me …” Lord, may I dwell with you in your Father’s house forever. May it be so.