If Someone Should Wander From Tha Faith and Another Feller Should Bring Him Back . . .

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If Someone Should Wander From Tha Faith and Another Feller Should Bring Him Back . . .

My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover (καλύψει) over a multitude of sins.- James 5:19-20

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers (καλύπτει) over a multitude of sins.- 1 Peter 4:8

In all things at all time in all ways give yer best ter Skipper. Skip sends his saints through storms and rough seas so that others may be rescued. Ours not be a pleasure cruise fer our enjoyment. We not be at sea fer our own entertainment. Though tha taste of salt on our lips, warmth of tha Sun on our cheeks, smell of tha sea in our nostrils be pleasing, count it all as simply a blessing from Skipper fer allowing ya ter ‘ave a task in which ya find joy.

Only, our joy be secondary. Thar be souls adrift on them troubled waters.

Of late a good many ‘as wandered from Skipper’s Truth. Tha Sun warned such would happen in tha last days. No feller knows when tha last days ‘ill come ter a close. If a mate spouts ‘bout some date he claims ter be tha last day of tha end days, turn yer heels and march off. No one knows tha last day. Not angels, not tha Sun. Only Skipper knows when tha end ‘ill come.

In these “mean times,” as tha Sun says, thar be fellers and lasses lost at sea. Oh ter be sure, a good many be on sturdy vessels with hearty crew who can bend on sails and man oars, trim tha sheets and pump tha bilge. Only them in charge of navigating be, at first, one degree off course. One degree be not much. One degree over a day ‘ill still keep tha two fleets in sight of each other. But a month or yer of sailing jest a wee bit off course and that other fleet be over tha horizon and among reefs that ‘ill shipwreck thar faith.

This be whar a good many find themselves, these days. They doth not know of tha danger beneath thar hull.

James, tha brother of tha Sun closes with this warning: If ya kin, find such fellers, point out tha error of thar route, and lead ‘em back ter safe waters.

Peter, tha feller tha Sun restored and commanded ter care fer his flock, says we be ter love deeply, fer in loving ter tha point of death we ‘ill save folks from thar sins.

Love seeks tha lost at sea.

Love gentle-like points out tha error of tha course a feller holds.

Love comes aboard a floundering vessel and guides it and all aboard back ter safety.

We ‘ave no assurances that sailing inter storms and troubled waters ‘ill save them who be lost. Could be they ‘ill refuse our help. Could be they ‘ill turn a deaf ear. They might even fire upon us. But we owe it ter our brothers and sisters in tha fleet ter at least try and lead’em back ter Skipper’s rhumb line.

Whar we ter be lost, we might hope some fellers would come ter our aid. If not right off, ‘least later.

Let us do tha same fer them we love and more importantly fer them Skipper and his Sun love. If someone should wander from tha faith it be our charge ter help ’em find thar way back. That be tha loving thing ter do.