If Tha Sun Calls Ya Ter New Work, Drop Yer Nets and Sail Off on a New Tack.

Finding Jesus

If tha Sun calls ya ter new work, drop yer nets and sail off on a new tack.

He saw Simon and Andrew. . . and said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”- Mark 1:16

Whilst tha Sun walked about on shore he saw two brothers casting nets in ter tha sea. Right off he seen that tha pair be hard workers, fer as ya well know, fishing not be an easy chore. Catching a meal kin some times take all day.

Only as soon as tha Sun called tha pair, they cast down thar nets and followed him.

Now it could be tha brothers may ‘ave thought: Anything be better than fishing with Pop. We keep doing this we ‘ill die hunched over and broken old men.

More likely, though, tha brothers seen that tha Sun be well versed in Skipper’s Code of Conduct. Perhaps they be in tha crowds when tha Sun preached on tha arrival of Skip’s kingdom and wanted a share of any prize thar might be fer them working fer Skip’s crew.

Going a little ways farther down tha shore, tha Sun spied two other fellers mending thar nets. Like with Simon and Andrew, tha pair be working hard, not lounging about waiting fer good luck ter find ‘em. Soon as tha Sun hailed fer tha pair ter join him, them sons of Zebedee, James and John, left thar pop with his hired servants and took off ter follow tha Sun.

Now think on this a wee bit: Simon and Andrew left thar vocation in order ter learn another trade: fishing fer folks. James and John left thar vocation plus thar pop in order ter follow tha Sun. Nary a one hemmed and hawed, made excuses, asked if they might ‘ave a few days ter consider tha offer, or went home ter discuss any of this with tha misses. Dropped what they whar doing, they did, and hoofed it up tha beach ter catch tha Sun.

Be that tha way we follow tha Sun? Doth we act with such conviction and obedience that we ‘ill stop in mid watch, come about, and sail tha course tha Sun commands?

Them four became tha core of tha Sun’s crew. Ya find ’em near ‘bout always right close ter tha Sun and tha Sun right close ter them.

Our obedience ter tha Sun comes with a cost, but we get tha blessing of his fellowship in return. Ter day if ya hear tha Sun calling ya, if ya be reading Skipper’s Code of Conduct and hear his voice asking ya ter come about, then do as commanded. Doth not delay.

Tha Sun came ter fish fer folks: not jest some but all.