It Be a Right Fine Thing Ter Get All Tha Medical Attention Ya Kin, but First Turn Ter Skip

Finding Jesus

It Be a Right Fine Thing Ter Get All Tha Medical Attention Ya Kin, but First Turn Ter Skip

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. – James 5:13 (James 5:13-14)

If anyone be in trouble, he ought ter pray.

If anyone be happy, he ought ter rejoice and thank Skipper.

If anyone be sick, he ought ter call tha elders of tha church and ‘ave ’em pray over tha feller. Anoint him with oil in tha name of Skipper.

A prayer offered in faith will make a sick feller well. Skipper ‘ill see ter it and raise him.

Now ya may be thinking, “Hogwash. No way such silliness ‘ill work.” Well, how der ya know ’till ya try?

I wager a good many, if not most, ‘ave never asked tha elders of a church ter pray over’em. Goodness, most folks these days kin not even find a church elder on account of a good many churches no longer even abide by tha church structure tha Apostle Paul laid out fer us. They think church be a democratic gathering whar tha majority decides who be leaders, pastors, preachers, teachers and such. Why, if ya kin not find a group of elders, ya not likely ter find any oil in a place fer anointing.  So that be problem number one.

Problem number two be that most folks ‘ill not submit ter having folks lay hands on ’em. Makes ’em feel week and submissive. ‘Cept when ya sick, ya already be submitting: if not ter death then ter an affliction that leaves ya feeling puny.

Problem number three be finding folks of real faith who ‘ill offer prayers. A good many say they ‘ill pray fer ya, but don’ really believe Skipper ‘ill hear and act.

And happy? Why ter look upon some who claims ter follow tha Son you might think they suck on rancid lemons all tha day long. Sour dispositions, they ‘ave. Fer some, tha notion of thanking Skip fer good health, work, food, and shelter be as far away as tha east be from tha west.

Ter often when we gets inter trouble we cuss and stomp about. Praying be pert near tha last thing we ‘ill do. Should be tha first, but it seldom be.

Anyways, now ya have tha lay of things.

Be of good cheer.
Submit ter righteous fellers in good standing with Skip.
Submit ter tha healing hands and anointing of Skip.
Watch and wait fer Skip ter take yer hand and lift ya up.

Oh, it be a right fine thing ter get all tha medical attention ya kin, but first turn ter Skip. He always be anxious ter help them who loves him and looks ter him ter care fer thar body and soul.