Kin Ya Think of 30 Folks Ya Wish Ter Be With Ya in Skip’s Kingdom? 60? 100?

Finding Jesus

Kin Ya Think of 30 Folks Ya Wish Ter Be With Ya in Skip's Kingdom? 60? 100?

People are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. – Mark 4:14 (Mark 4:14-20)

The seed be Skipper’s words, his kingdom message, his good spiel of reconciliation with him.

Some hear Skipper’s words but then Satan flies in like a black crow and snatches away Skip’s seed. That black-hearted devil doth this so that those folks will not believe and be saved.

Others hear Skipper’s words but such folks live in rocky places, lead rocky lives. They might come from a rough background and don’t have deep roots in family, community, or strong convictions. When they hear Skipper’s words such folks get all excited and rush out ter tell everyone that they heard Skipper’s words and believe. Only thing is, because they ne’er be settled or ‘ave minds that be fixed on tha deep things of Skipper, seed from his words shoot up fast, but as soon as trouble, resistance, or someone challenges them ’bout Skipper’s Code of Conduct, they wither away. They believe fer a little while but they not be nourished with water.

A few more hear Skipper’s words but live in life’s thorny places where worries, wants, and wealth choke tha life out of Skipper’s word planted in ’em. They be rooted in Skip’s word, only they be unfruitful. They grow among tha thorns, looking pretty with blooms and all, but doth not grow any fruit.

Rest hear Skipper’s words and be of good soil. They produce all manner of fruit. Some share Skip’s seed with others and help grow new shoots fer tha Son. Kin ya think of 30 folks ya wish ter be with ya in Skip’s kingdom? 60? 100?

* Start sowing seed by praying this prayer ever day: “Lord, may ya deal with _____ as severely as necessary ter drive (him/her) ter tha feet of yer Son, but with as much mercy as possible.”
* Live a life that reflects tha character of Skipper.
* Make it yer task ter remain in his Word.
* Make it yer task ter pray fer Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth ter defeat tha spirit of tha flesh that lives within ya.
* Make it yer task ter put on tha full armor of Skip.
* Be prepared at all times ter give a reason fer tha hope ya in in Skip and his Son.
* Finally, end each day by praying fer each of them in yer small plot.

Do this and when tha sickle swings and tha harvest comes ya ‘ill be right pleased with tha fruit of tha basket in which ya find yer self.