Lord, please raise my . . .

Ah Prayer for Healing From One of Skip's Crew (Mark 5:35-43), (Luke 8:49-56), (Matthew 9:23-26)

Believe, and she will be healed.

Believe, and she will be healed. Luke 8:50 (Mark 5:35-43), (Luke 8:49-56), (Matthew 9:23-26)

Lord, when we bring our sick, dying, and dead to you, our doubts must be cast out. While others laugh and scoff, you invite those with faith to believe and watch. With skeptics and hecklers outside, you go “in” to where sickness and death oppress those we love.

You command us to, “Ignore what others say” — to put out all who do not believe, who laugh at you.

Our little girl is twelve. She has reached the age of reason. From now on you hold her accountable for her decisions, her actions. An only child, the focus of all our love and joy, she is now dead to us.

“Don’t be afraid,” you say. “Only believe and your child will be healed.” To the doubters outside the home you call from the window, “Stop wailing! Silence the flutes!”

Now you take her by the hand. “Little girl, get up!” At your command, her spirit returns. At once she stands.

Astonished, hearts bursting with joy, we weep.

“Give her something to eat,” you tell us.

Food, yes, but she needs more. We need more than daily bread. We need the Bread of Life. We need to feed on every word spoken, written, and inspired by your father: every word authored by you, the Author of all things.

Today, Lord, we name those who are spiritually dead and ask that you go to them. Hold their hand. Command us to stop wailing, stop weeping, stop speaking of their death. Give us your strength to cast out all our doubts. Then in the powerful name of Jesus Christ we ask to see you glorify yourself by returning a spirit of belief and life to our child.