Make It Yer Task Ter Be Underway at All Times (Acts 16:6-10)

Make It Yer Task Ter Share Tha Good Spiel at All Times

Make It Yer Task Ter Be Underway at All Times

The Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to preach the word. Acts 16:7 (Acts 16:6-10)

Saul Paul, Silas, Tim, and Luke traveled all over tha region of Phrygia and Galatia, fer tha Holy Ghost of Truth kept tha four from preaching tha good spiel in tha province of Asia. When they come ter tha boarder of Mysia, they tried ter enter Bithynia, but tha Spirit of tha Son would not allow them ter go forward. So tha four turned west and trekked down ter Troas.

During tha night Saul Paul received ah vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” Once Saul Paul seen tha vision, Silas, Tim, and Luke concluded that Skipper had called tha four ter preach tha good spiel ter tha people in Macedonia.

Ah good many days we think we be going tha way Skipper wants, but sometimes, even after we ‘ave prayed and sought his guidance, he ‘ill allow us ter sail in ter squalls, rough storms, and wind and waves so fierce we get beat back. Ne’er ferget that tha Spirit of the Son be ah spirit, ah breath, ah wind that fills our souls and sails.

Thar be a good many lessons we kin take from this short tale:

  • Sometimes what we think be a good place ter sail and preach Skip’s words might not be tha port ter which Skip be calling us
  • Sometimes tha place we think Skip be sending us might only be Skip trying ter get us moving so he kin alter our course, cause us ter tack, and sail on ah different heading
  • At all times we ought ter make it our task ter preach tha good spiel in ever port we reach
  • Always take visions and dreams ter Skipper in prayer, fer we ne’er know if they be his Spirit calling and sending us or another spirit
  • Discuss such visions and dreams and matters with godly mates who be part of yer crew
  • Once ya ‘ave reached ah conclusion, don’ delay: come about and pour on tha canvas

Tha main lesson be this: Saul Paul, Silas, Tim, and Luke whar moving, preaching, seeking Skip’s will, open ter listening ter tha Holy Ghost of Truth, and anxious ter obey. Make it yer task ter be underway at all times, ter share tha good spiel at all times, and prepared to alter course at all times. This be tha way tha wind blows.

This be tha way tha Holy Ghost of Truth propels us on our way.