My Name is the Word of God

My name is the Word of God

“My name is the Word of God. I am wisdom. I am understanding. My mouth speaks what is true. My lips detest wickedness. None of the words of my mouth are crooked or perverse. To the discerning all my words are right. To those who have knowledge my words are without error. If you hold to my words you will possess knowledge and discretion.

“I hate pride and arrogance. I hate evil behavior and perverse speech. I walk in the way of righteousness and along paths of justice. The LORD brought me forth as of his first works. I was appointed from eternity. Blessed are those who keep my ways.

”My name is the Word of God. Will you now leave me because my words are hard and I speak the truth? I pray you will not fall away.” – Jesus

Revelation 19:13, John 6:67, Proverbs 8, John 17:15

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