Once Ya Be Truly Changed by Tha Sun Ya ‘ill Make It Yer Tast Ter Spread Tha News ‘bout Him Ter All

Finding Jesus

Once Ya Be Truly Changed by Tha Sun Ya ‘ill Make It Yer Tast Ter Spread Tha News ‘bout Him Ter All

News of him spread everywhere. -Mark 1:28 (Mark 1:26-28)

All be amazed at tha power and authority 0f tha Sun when he appears be fer ya. A good many ‘ill also form small groups and begin ter discuss and debate among themselves tha meaning of what he be sharing with ’em. Folks love ter debate ’bout such stuff.  Them who seen tha Sun command an unclean spirit ter come out of folks whar shocked that demons obeyed tha Sun.

But not tha Sun. He knowed he had authority ter cast out uncleanness. What be more shocking ter him whar that so few folks whar willing ter believe. Hain’t much changed. Folks still be stuck in disbelief.

Tha unclean spirit tossed that poor feller in ter convulsions. We be acting similar when we twist our selves in ter knots trying to deny tha Sun’s power, deny tha power of his words, deny his authority over us, deny that what ‘as control over us really be sin.

“I be born this way,” some ‘ill say. “I be made in Skipper’s image. What ya call ‘sin’ be natural,” some says. “‘Sides, Skipper loves ever one and that includes me.”

True, Skip does love ever one but Skip hates sin.

What Skip calls sin be listed plain in his Code of Conduct. But them living in sin, and that be all of us at one time, kin not see how our acts be exactly tha sins Skipper hates. We cry out in a loud voice, “I be free in tha Sun and Skipper!” Only we not be free at all: we be slaves ter sin and don’ even know it.

Doth not be amazed at tha Sun’s power. Simply believe that he be Lord of all. Instead, be amazed that ya refuse ter obey and honor him. Stand shocked in that revelation and ya may begin ter get a glimer of tha wretchedness tha Sun sees in ya: sees and wishes ter cast out.

Once ya be truly changed by tha Sun, not simply know of it, not simply discuss and debate about him, but be healed and changed. . . . ya ‘ill make it yer task ter spread tha news ‘bout tha Sun ter all, of this ya kin be sure.