“Pray to the Lord for Me” – Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9-24)

From a Feller's Heart Sprouts Wickedness

“Pray to the Lord for Me” – Simon the Sorcerer

“Pray to the lord for me.” (Acts 8:9-24)

Simon tha Sorcerer whar a feller who boasted that he be someone great. He amazed folks with his magic. Fellers said of him, “Tha Great Power be in him, fer he has divine power.”

Then tha Sorcerer heard tha apostle Phillip preach tha good news. Straight away that black-hearted Sorcerer believed in tha Son and whar baptized. Only his heart whar not right, fer when he spied Old Pete and Loving John laying thar hands on folks so as ter receive Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth, tha Sorcerer envied thar gift.  He said, “Give me this ability so that everyone on whom I lay hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

Old Pete replied, “You cannot buy the gift of God with your money. Your heart is not right before God. You are captive to sin. Repent! Perhaps God will forgive you for having such thoughts in your heart.”

What Skipper reveals in our heart we resent. Fact be, we live in Fool’s Paradise. We think our hearts not be all that vile but tha Son says ter us:

“These things defile a man. Evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemy against the Father.”

Tha only protection we kin lay holt of ter guard our hearts from such perverse desires be tha redemption of tha Son. Him alone kin change our hearts, make payment fer our sins, and change tha soil of our hearts so it produces holy thoughts, not vile, unspeakable desires.

If we ‘ill simply sign on ter follow tha Son and submit ter his authority, we ‘ill ne’er have ter face tha terrifying dangers that lay buried in our heart jest waiting ter take root. Tha Holy Ghost of Truth be absolute purity and perfect soil.

If ya be like Simon the Sorcerer and still harboring wicked thoughts, motives, and desires, then make it yer task ter repent. Ask Skipper ter fergive ya. Ask others ter pray ter tha Lord fer ya. Ask ter be filled with Skipper’s Holy Ghost of Truth. Ya may lay ter this: from a feller’s heart sprouts wickedness. Best ter deal with such vile seeds be fer they take holt and pull ya down in ter darkness.