Purpose With Authority

In the Son Ya 'ill Find Yer Purpose

Jesus taught as one who had authority. – Mark 1:22 (Mark 1:22-25)

Because the Son taught them as one who had authority, the people whar amazed at his teaching.

Folks obey a  feller who gives orders with authority. Folks act when a feller with authority makes a decision. Folks perceive power flowing from a feller with authority.

We may wonder how it be that the Son of Skipper spake as a feller whose words carried authority. Could be in how he carried himself?

The religious teachers of the law spake words, same as the Son, but folks did not rush ter hear thar pontifications. How come? Could it be the words of the religious teachers of the law carried the power of death not life? Thar words were rules of tradition heaped upon folks: rules which the teachers of the law made no attempt ter help folks carry. These leaders loved thar rules so much, the Son said they would set aside Skip’s commands in order to enforce thar own man-made directives.

A man in the synagogue who whar possessed by an impure spirit cried out, “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are — the Holy One of God!”

Unclean spirits know the power of the Son’s words — know and fear.  How come?

Could it be the words of the Son carry the power ter liberate all who believe his words and demons know this? Could it be demons fear that them who believe the Son’s words ‘ill ‘ave life and more of it if folks believe his words?

The Son said sternly ter the demon, “Hush up! Come out of him!”

And it obeyed. The demon fled.

Them in the Son need not fear sickness, demon possession, or death. When them in the Son’ ave his Holy Spirit of Truth, sickness, unclean spirits, affliction, addiction, infirmities, and the like must flee at the words of the Son.

Religious teachers may know a great deal ’bout the Son and Skipper but knowing about a feller not be the same as knowing the chap with intimacy. Make it yer task ter be so close ter the Son that when you speak ter unclean spirits of all stripes they recognize that you be buddy-buddy with the Son and skedaddle.

Speak the Son’s words ter yer injury, ailment, or pain. Then believe and expect such unclean, destructive, life-robbing spirits ter flee.