Salt Life

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Salt Life

“Salt is good. Have salt in yourselves.” – Mark 9:50

As any who ever sailed aboard a ship fer any time knows, salt be a good way of keeping bacteria, fermentation, and rot from ruining a good side of beef. Salt doth this by sucking water out of the cells of foods and bacteria. Less water, less chance fer bacteria ter grow and reproduce.

Only think on this a wee little bit: If salt fills up with water from food and bacteria it loses its saltiness. Once salt loses its saltiness, it gets tossed out in tha street and trampled underfoot (Matthew 5:13).

Same with a mutinous crew. Once a spirit of mutiny breaks out among Skip’s crew, it be a right hard thing ter dissuade ’em from throwing off his Code of Conduct and taking over tha vessel, changing course, and shipwrecking thar faith (1 Timothy 1:19).

But if ya have starch in yer spine and Skip’s salt in yer soul ya ‘ave no choice but ter obey tha Son and be salt among tha storehouse of meatheads and fruit loops, and veggie lovers. Ter abandon ship so quick ter a mutinous crew be ter give up without a fight. On tha cross tha Son fought fer ya; we kin do no less than ter fight fer him by being salt among them who ‘ave strayed from his love, commands, grace, and mercy. 

Make it yer task ter live a life of salt among sinners (and we all ‘ave some bacteria . . . ah, sin). Who knows but by salting them around ya with Skip’s Code of Conduct and acts of tha Son ya may help ter starve tha bacteria in some folks, and preserve them in this life and tha life ter come.