Side With Skip in All Matters and Watch the Devil Run — Luke 11:14-28

Jesus’ Authority, Our Healing

Luke 11:14-28

One day the Son happened upon a feller who whar under attack and bound by a mute demon. The chap could not speak, not a word. Taking pity on him, the Son drove out the mute demon.

A good many think thar afflictions be natural—that thar bodies simply be broken by nature and unless a good doctor or ship’s surgeon kin fix ’em, they be cursed ter live this way fer all thar life. But the Son says otherwise.

Looking at the folks gathered ’round him the Son announced, “The kingdom of God has come to you. When someone stronger than Satan attacks and overpowers him, Satan is stripped of his armor and overpowered.”

Though he didn’t come right out and say it, that someone be the Son.

As evidence in the power of the Son’s declaration, the chap with the mute spirit spoke: piped up loud, like, and sent tongues ter flapping.

“Satan has been defeated,” the Son declared, “and those held captive by him are liberated. His spoils are divided.”

Though the Son defeated Satan ever time while he walked the earth, the fullness of this declaration didn’ come ter fruition until the Son died on the cross and rose from the grave. In full sight of all, the Son’s resurrected body demonstrated that Satan no longer holds any power of us. Least ways not if we ‘ave the Son in us and we be in the Son.

But some in the crowd grumbled out loud, claiming that the Son was in league with the devil.

“The one who does not fight with me, fights against me,” the Son replied. “Those who through apathy and lack of love for their neighbor fight with Satan.”

A good many think that if a body be bound by unclean demons that be of no concern ter us: that if demon spirits take hold and make a feller or lass mute, deaf, blind, sick, lame, leaper, infected… that be perfectly acceptable…. that such simply be the state of things in this fallen world. But the Son says otherwise.

“Satan’s work will not stand. Satan will not stand. Beelzebub, the prince of demons, is ruined.”

Not once did a demon resist the Son and win. Ne’er did Satan and his henchmen attack and win while in the presence of the Son. Healing comes through the Son. Deliverance from demons comes through the Son. We only need ter declare that the Son be more powerful than Satan and believe that declaration.

A woman called out, “Blessed is your mother!”

The Son replied, “Blessed instead are those who hear the word of my father and obey!”

Skipper says, “By his stripes, by the wounds, lashes, and beating my boy took for you and his death on the cross, you are healed.  (Isaiah 53:5)

Believe it. Declare it ter the devil. Remind him ever’ time he be defeated, stripped of his armor, and his spoils divided—that the devil be a loser and he and his demons ‘ill be captured and cast inter the abyss.

A divided house kin not stand. Neither can a divided mind know the will of Skip. Side with Skip in all matters of faith and belief and watch the devil and his demons run.

Lord, you declared, “Satan has been defeated and those held captive by him are liberated. But the one who does not fight with me, fights against me.”

Oh Lord, may we fight with you and take our stand against the powers of darkness that seek to steal and kill (name those bound by the devil) through demons of sickness, affliction, and injuries. Through our apathy and because we do not love as you love, we allow Satan to attack and destroy our neighbors.

Lord, you declared, “Satan’s work will not stand. Satan will not stand. Beelzebub, the prince of demons, is ruined.”

Not once did a demon resist you and win. Never did Satan and his demons attack and win while in your presence. If we are in you and your righteousness is in us, no demon, no sickness, no unclean spirit can come against us and stand. 

Healing comes through you alone. Deliverance from demons comes through you. We only need to declare your name and believe you have healed us by your stripes.

Therefore we boldly proclaim that (name those who were bound by the devil) are healed! Lord, open their spiritual eyes that they may see the healing you’ve already provided.