Store Yer Faith in Tha One Who Naps on Tha Coxswain Cushion

Finding Jesus

Store Yer Faith in Tha One Who Naps on Tha Coxswain Cushion

“Who is this?” – Mark 4:41 (Mark 4:35-41)

One day some fellers who followed tha Son took him along fer a boat ride. They took tha Son as he whar. Only think on this a wee little bit: he also took them as they whar. Most often that be tha case with tha Son. He taking us in jest as we be.

Not far from shore it come up a cloud; a furious squall rolled down mountains. Waves broke over tha bow, swamping thar tiny boat. Wind tore at tha sail. None of this mattered ter tha Son. He slept on a cushion near tha coxswain seat.

“Don’t you care?” tha crew said ter tha Son. “Save us!”

Rousting himself, tha Son stood and rebuked tha wind said ter tha waves, “Quiet! Be Still!” Right then calm settled over tha lake.

Think on this a wee little bit: when tha Son called, “Quiet! Be Still!” whar he only speaking ter tha wind and waves? Could he not be speaking ter us, telling us ter “Hush up! Settle down!”

So often events in our lives be like this little boat trip. When evening—darkness—comes . . .  when we be furious, broken, swamped, we ask that Son, “Don’ ya care?” In reply tha Son says ter us, “What are you afraid? Do you have faith?”

Sometimes it ‘ill appear tha Son doth not seem ter care ah tall ‘bout tha circumstances of our life. He ‘ill not lift a finger ter help or check ter see how we be doing. Doth not mean he not care, though. Tha Son always cares. Only sometimes tha squalls that terrorize us be tha energy tha Son uses ter roust us from our lazy complacency.

  • When waves break over yer boat, bail.
  • When wind tears through tha sails, mend.
  • When tha Son be napping, learn from him. He not be afeared of squalls and storms.

When all be calm on tha water, tha disciples asked, “Who is this?” That be tha question all of us must answer in this life.

If tha storms of life leave ya furious, broken, and swamped, get in ter tha boat with tha Son. Thar ya ‘ill be find peace and calm napping on a coxswain cushion. Settle next ter him and let tha Son warm ya with his arm tucked tight ‘round ya.