Store Yer Faith in Tha One Who Naps on Tha Coxswain Cushion

Daily Scripture Devotional

Store Yer Faith in Tha One Who Naps on Tha Coxswain Cushion

One day some fellers who followed tha Sun took him along fer a boat ride. Not far from shore it come up a cloud; a squall rolled down mountains. Waves broke over tha bow, swamping thar vessel. Wind tore at tha sail. None of this mattered ter tha Sun. He slept on a cushion near tha coxswain seat.

“Don’t you care?” tha crew shouted ter tha Sun. “Save us!”

Rousting himself, tha Sun stood, stretched a bit, then called, “Quiet! Be Still!”

Tha waves flattened, wind died. Calm settled over tha lake. Think on this a wee little bit: with it calm and no wind, them fellers would ‘ave ter row thar vessel ‘cross that lake in tha dark. Be fore tha wind done tha work. Now they do tha work.

Also think on this: when tha Sun called, “Quiet! Be Still!” whar he only speaking ter tha wind and waves? Could he not be speaking ter us, telling us ter “Hush up! Settle down!”

“Of what are you afraid?” This be tha Sun’s question ter us. Think ter yer self and list them things ya afeared of, fer tha Sun’s question be but one from a short quiz he gives.

Question two: “Do you still have NO faith?”
Question three: “Do you have A LITTLE faith?”
Question four: “Where and in what is your faith?”

Sometimes tha Sun ‘ill rest with us and not seem ter lift a finger ter help or eyes ter check and see how we be doing. Doth not mean he not care, though. Tha Sun always cares. Only sometimes tha squalls that terrorize us be tha energy tha Sun uses ter get us from one place ter tha next.

When waves break over tha bow, bail.
When wind tears through tha sails, mend.
When tha Sun be napping, learn from him. He not be afeared of squalls and storms. If that be so, put yer faith in tha Sun.

If ya don’ have any faith, get a little. If ya got a little, get a little more. Yer peace ‘ill be found whar yer faith be stored. Store yer faith in tha one who naps on tha coxswain cushion.