“Stretch Out Yer Heart!”

Finding Jesus

Only Tha Sun Can Heal Our Withered Hearts

“Stretch out your hand.” – Mark 3:5 (Mark 3:1-3)

On time tha Sun strolled in ter tha synagogue and found a feller with a withered hand. Some in tha crowd be looking fer a reason ter accuse tha Sun, so they watched him closely ter see if he would heal tha feller on the Sabbath.

That be tha way of some folks: they always be looking fer a reason ter accuse. Find faults in folks, they do. 

Now thar be nothing wrong with wanting ter do right by Skip and his Code of Conduct, only think on this a wee little bit: In looking fer faults in others are ya seeing past tha good they do? Be ya straining a gnat out of yer coffee but choking on a camel? Skipper gives us discernment ’bout others so we kin pray fer ’em, intercede fer ’em, not find fault with ’em.

Tha Sun said ter tha man with tha withered hand, “Stand up in front of everyone.”

This be tha Sun’s charge ter all of us. “Stand up in front of me,” tha Sun says ter us, “so I can get a good look at you.”

In anger and deeply distressed in his spirit, tha Sun sees our stubborn hearts, our hard hearts, our withered hearts. He be saying ter us, “Stretch out yer heart!”

Only tha Sun can heal our withered hearts. Why not ask fer that healing ter day?