2 Kings 18

The supreme commander, chief officer, and a large army called to the king, demanding he surrender. 2 Kings 18:17

“If you say, ‘We are depending on the Lord our God … you will eat your own dung and drink your own urine.’ 2 Kings 18:22, 27

“Do not think that the Lord will deliver you. Your king misleads you when he says, ‘The Lord will deliver us.‘ How can the Lord deliver Jerusalem from my hand?” 2 Kings 18:32

Lord, I depend on you today to deliver me from my enemies. Please keep me from sin, keep me from harm, and keep me tucked tight in your arms. Amen

2 Kings 18

King Hezekiah broke into pieces the bronze snake Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites had burned incenses to it. 11 Kings 18:4
In Kings (2 Kings 18:4), the Nehushtan (or Nohestan) (Hebrew: נחושתן or נחש הנחושת) is the derogatory name given to the bronze serpent on a pole first described in the Book of Numbers, which God told Moses to erect to so that the Israelites who saw it would be protected from dying from the bites.

Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah either before him or after him. 2 Kings 18:5

The Lord was with him; he was successful in whatever he undertook. 2 Kings 18:7

Lord, may I always trust in you. Please be with me today. May I be successful in whatever I do within your will. 


A missionary is someone in whom the Holy Spirit can say, “You are mine.” Oswald Chambers

The Holy Spirit interprets and explains the nature of Jesus to me to make me one with my Lord. Oswald Chambers.

1 Kings 5

1 Kings 5I will pay you for your men whatever wages you set.”  1 Kings 5:6

So Solomon sent shifts of men to Lebanon, 10,000 a month. They spent 1 month in Lebanon and two months at home. 1 Kings 5:13

He assigned 3,300 foremen to supervise the project. 1 Kings 5:16

Lord, today I ask that you pay to me whatever wages you set. I am your servant. I trust you to reward me however you see fit. I do ask that you send shifts of men and women to pray for and help promote our projects. May you assign wise and devote editors to supervise each project. Amen


Whenever God sends us, He will guard our lives. – Oswald Chambers

Never look for justice in the world, but never cease to give it. – Oswald Chambers