The Lord Gives Us Breath

The Lord Gives Us BreathThe Lord gives us breath (but) … your feet are sunk in mud. ~ Jeremiah 38:1 & 22

Lord we live and die by your hand, by your command. You mark our days and give us life. But we are slow to respond to your love. We refuse to read your Word. We ignore your Laws, and we resist your summons to return to you — the source of life. On this first day of the year, forgive me for living in the past — for being stuck in sin. Lift me from the Well of Despair and Death and set me at your feet where I can be washed clean in the blood of Christ.

Forget what is behind. Strain toward what is ahead. Philippians 3:13

Lord, help me to let go of last year and lean into this year with eager enthusiasm. 

My Father, Missy asks that you help with her finances. She needs a great paying part time job and the resolution of a lawsuit against an insurance company regarding a car accident in which she was involved. She has been living for months without income, but as a testimony, she says, “I can say that I have not gone hungry one day and somehow my God has made a way and seen fit that all my needs are met. I cannot thank him enough for blessing me every single day without fail.  He has been soooo good to me. I pray that whoever reads this email and all the people @ LPC be blessed in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!  Amen.” Lord, please comfort and care for Missy. Have mercy upon Missy. Move in ways that will bring glory to you and relief for Missy.