Will Ya Serve Tha Crew Good Grub Er Grub Worms?

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer ter feed that crew

Produce Fruit in Keeping With Repentance

“Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”– Matthew 3:8 (John the Baptist)

Some fruit keeps pert well. And some only keeps weevils and vermin fat and filled.

If ya don’ turn out the bad apples, rotten bananas, and figs what have fungus, you and all yer crew ‘ill get sick and worse.

Toss the old what be covered with mold, and get ya some fruit that keeps getting fresher with age. That sort only comes when ya turn from yer sorry ways and feast yer eyes on tha Sun. What says ya? Will ya serve tha crew good grub er grub worms?

Best Ter Stand Yer Watch at the Helm With Yer Right Hand Tied Tight Behind Her Back Than Ter Get Strung Up on the Gallows

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer how ter sail with one hand tied behind yer back

Best Ter Stand Yer Watch at the Helm With Yer Right Hand Tied Tight Behind Her Back Than Ter Get Strung Up on the Gallows

“If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.” – Matthew 5:29

Think, mate: how did ya get ter this point? It not be a woman or man ter blame. They not be tha problem. No, the trouble be that ya reached a point where ya ne’re could stop thinking ‘bout a body. But ‘fore ya got ter that particular port, ya seen trouble brewing and sailed on like ya could handle tha squall. Now where ya be? So twisted and yer mind so filled with thoughts that ya kin hardly think of anything but a body ya ought not ter be thinking of.

Next time yer right hand grips the helm and steers ya towards trouble, take them digits and put’em in yer pocket. Think on how tha Sun feels when he be warming ya. Ain’ no lass on land or sea who kin love a body tha way tha Sun kin.

Best ter stand yer watch at the helm with yer right hand tucked tight behind her back than ter get strung up on the gallows fer thinking thoughts and taking liberties in yer head ’bout a body not meant fer ya.

If Ya Wish Ter Sail With Skip, Put on Tha Sun

Sailing With Jesus -- Picking Out Yer Sailing Attire

If Ya Wish Ter Sail With Skip, Put on Tha Sun

“Many are invited, but few are chosen.” – Matthew 22:14

Be fer a vessel sets sail, tha captain ‘ill often put out a call fer crew. Any manner of feller might show up at that wharf. Why tha rabble might be drunks and knaves, orphans and lads of royalty running from home. Matters not ter tha captain what make or pedigree they be. Question is, kin they pull an oar, hoist a sail, stand a watch and fire straight.

This here word of warning from tha Sun comes after a tale he told ‘bout some king who hosted a wedding, sent out invitations, and them on tha list refused ter show. Well, with tha feast prepared and that crowd ter make merry, he ordered his crew to put out a call. All who responded got britches and jacket, hat or bonnet fer tha event. ‘Cept thar be one feller who snuck in without tha right attire. Still wearing his smelly, grubby, fishing and fighting outfit—and seeing tha sorry lot ahead of him waltzing in—he figured he be welcomed.

‘Cept, as ya well know, once ya sign on with a vessel, ya have ter abide to the code of the captain. It be his ship, his fixings, his party, and his affair. We sail by his rules, as it were.

Many be called and many might show up at that wharf, but only a few gets ter sail with Skipper. It not be his doing that others don’ get ter share in tha passage. Only thing he asks is that we accept tha attire he offers.

Only some, like tha feller in tha Sun’s story, be stow-aways, knaves and scoundrels so full of themselves they think Skipper won’ cares how they look.

But Skip does care; he cares mightily. And tha attire he demands is that we be dressed with tha Sun. Them that Skipper chooses be those who have come inter a relationship with him through tha Sun. Folks of that ilk percolate on Skip’s words day and night, checking ter make sure they be carrying out his orders. And when they find thar spirit off course, they make a correction right quick like. Tha chosen ones be them have thar spiritual conditioned changed from thar old way of walking and thar ears open ter Skip’s Word.

If ya wish ter sail with Skip, put on tha Sun. Do that an’ ya kin come ter tha feast. But refuse and keep wearing yer own vomit stained blouse and bloody britches and ya kin expect ter get fed ter tha sharks.