Bold and Arrogant Fellers Speak Irreverently About Skipper and His Words in Matters They Doth Not Understand

Daily Scripture Devotional

Bold and Arrogant Fellers Speak Irreverently About Skipper and His Words in Matters They Doth Not Understand

Bold and arrogant, these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. – 2 Peter 2:10-12 (2 Peter 2:10-22)

Bold and arrogant fellers speak irreverently about Skipper and his words in matters they doth not understand. Such reprobates idear of a good time be ter get drunk in broad daylight. Thar eyes always be on tha lookout fer women they kin have relations with; if not in a bed, then in thar mind. Ever lass they see be a potential partner. They ne’er stop going about seducing tha unstable. Left tha straight way, they ‘ave, and wandered off ter follow tha ways of wickedness that leads ter destruction. They ‘ill be paid back fer tha harm they ‘ave done, ya may lay ter that.

These fellers spout empty, boastful words. By appealing ter tha lustful desires of sin-filled hearts, they bait folks who be jest escaping tha snares of tha devil and take ‘em captive again. Scoundrels of this sort promise freedom from Skipper’s moral code while they themselves be slaves ter depravity. Of this ya kin be sure: a feller be mastered by whatever bait he takes.

If such degenerates ‘ave escaped tha corruption of tha devil’s ways after knowing about Skipper and tha Sun and now be entangled in all manner of detestable behavior a second time, they be worse off at tha end than at the beginning.

Better off fer them if they ne’er had known tha way of tha Sun and his sacrifice than ter know of it and turn thar backs on Skipper’s sacred commands ter confess, repent, and be cleansed by tha blood of tha Sun.

A lubber’s saying comes ter mind: “A mutt ‘ill return to its vomit; a hog that be once washed ‘ill wallow in tha mud, again.”

This be tha way of them who know of Skipper’s Code of Conduct — know ‘bout tha life of tha Sun and all he suffered fer us, and still prefer ter revel in thar abominable acts.

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In the Old Days Thar Be False Prophets. Today Thar Be False Teachers

Daily Scripture Devotional

In the Old Days Thar Be False Prophets. Today Thar Be False Teachers

There were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. – 2 Peter 2:1 (2 Peter 2:1-10)

In the old days thar be false prophets. Today thar be false teachers who, in secret and without calling attention ter thar deeds, spout beliefs and opinions contrary ter Skipper’s Code of Conduct. Such instructions destroy tha faith of many and send souls ter eternal darkness whar thar be weeping and gnashing of teeth. These miscreants deny our Lord, tha Sun, his words and tha words of Skipper. Such teaching ‘ill bring swift destruction on them, ya may lay ter that.

Many ‘ill follow thar shameful beliefs and many more ‘ill bring tha way of tha truth in ter disrepute.

These false teachers ‘ill exploit many. They ‘ill make up tales and tell tales, but refuse ter tell, teach, and preach tha truth ‘bout Skipper’s saving grace and tha freedom ter be set free from sin in tha Sun. Thar condemnation be hanging over thar heads. Thar destruction ‘as been awakened and will come quick.

If Skipper did not spare angels when they sinned and rebelled but sent them ter hell. . .
If Skipper did not spare tha ancient world when he brought tha flood on ungodly folks. . .
If Skipper did not spare tha cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them ter ashes as an example of what ‘ill happen ter tha ungodly. . .

Then such be tha fate of all who follow tha corrupt desires of thar sinful nature and despise tha authority of Skipper and his angels.

If Skipper protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others when he brought them through tha flood. . .
If Skipper rescued Lot, a righteous man who be distressed by tha filthy lives of lawless fellers and day after day be tormented in his righteous soul by tha evil deeds he saw and heard. . .
If Skipper knows how ter rescue godly fellers and lasses from such wicked behavior. . .

Then Skipper ‘ill see ya through tha trials and torment of living amidst vile heretics.

Let Tha Sun’s Light Shine Where It May in Its Own Glory Without Adding Ter or Taking From Its Glory

Daily Scripture Devotional

No Prophecy of Skipper’s Code of Conduct Came About by Tha Prophet’s Own Interpretation

We did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power. – 2 Peter 1:16 (2 Peter 1:16-21)

We doth not follow cleverly invented tales.

Peter and tha others whar eyewitnesses ter tha majesty of tha Sun.
Peter and others heard tha voice from Skipper saying, “This be my Sun, whom I love.”

We ‘ave tha words of tha prophets.
We ‘ave tha words of them who be witnesses ter tha Sun’s living and dying and rising.

No prophecy of Skipper’s Code of Conduct came about by tha prophet’s own interpretation or imagination. Only some folks like ter think such be tha case. It be through contact with worldly fellers and other points of watch that we lose focus of tha course Skip commanded us ter steer. 

True prophecy ne’er ‘as its origins in tha will of a feller. Rather folks spoke words of Skipper as they whar carried along by tha Holy Spirit of Truth. Our growth in grace be demonstrated in tha insight and understanding we gain in tha spiritual truths and applications of Skipper’s Code of Conduct.

Let tha Sun’s light shine where it may in its own glory without adding ter or taking from its glory.

Our obedience ter Skip’s Code of Conduct always honors tha Sun fer it be by tha Sun — tha Word made flesh — that we ‘ave Skip’s instructions fer how to carry our self. Honor tha Sun. Honor Skip. Honor Skip’s Code of Conduct.

A Good Many Be Faithful Ter Thar Ideas ’bout Tha Sun, but Only a Few Actually Be Faithful Ter Tha Sun

Daily Scripture Devotional

A Good Many Be Faithful Ter Thar Ideas 'bout Tha Sun, but Only a Few Actually Be Faithful Ter Tha Sun

Make every effort to add to your faith. – 2 Peter 1:5 (2 Peter 1:5-11)

A good many be faithful ter thar ideas ’bout tha Sun, but only a few actually be faithful ter tha Sun. In our moments of questioning, tha Sun asks, “Do ya want ter leave too?” (John 6:66-68) Faith be not committed ter facts. Faith be committed ter a person.

If we want ter be close as a soul mate with tha Sun, it ‘ill mean refusing ter do or even think certain things. Think on tha character of tha Sun and seek his qualities. If ya lack even one, ya be near-sighted and blind. Clean yer specs. Clean yer mind. Be washed clean in tha blood of tha Sun. Thar kin be no higher honor than ter stand tha midnight watch with tha Sun while ya await his rising.

Now if ya count yer self as a mate with tha Sun, then make yer calling sure and secure and add ter yer faith:

  • Goodness
  • Self control
  • Perseverance
  • A likeness ter Skipper
  • Brotherly kindness
  • Love

Such qualities be tha stripes of them who sail with Skip. Do this and ya ‘ill be effective and productive in all ya do.

If ya sail with tha Sun, ya ‘ill be regarded as a daydreamer and worse.  But ya ‘ill also be called his friend, brother-sister, and disciple. And thar kin be no greater honor than that.


Reject Evil. Say,“I Reject Evil.” Mean It. Live Like Ya Mean It.

Daily Scripture Devotional

Reject Evil. Say,“I Reject Evil.” Mean It. Live Like Ya Mean It.

Escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. – 2 Peter 1:4 (2 Peter 1:3-4)

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us by his own glory. Think on that a wee bit. Of all tha folks Skip could ‘ave called ter be in his crew, he called us. Now fer we go thinking it be because we got special skills and experience and ‘ave tha right heart and all, keep this in mind: nary a feller or lass ‘ill ever measure up ter Skip’s standards. All who ever tried ter live up ter his Code of Conduct kin attest ter that fact. So when Skip calls us, it be by his own glory and fer his own glory. Skip counts us a glorious. Whatever ya done in tha past, that be behind ya. Skip only sees ya as glorious and worthy ter be in his crew. Live in that glory.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us in ter his goodness. Think on that a wee bit. All sorts of folks think they know what goodness looks like, but Skip be the standard of goodness. When he called us in ter his goodness we shed our ideas of good and take on his. If we not be sure what Skip’s goodness looks like, we only need ter study his Code of Conduct and tha life of his Sun when he walked on land as a lubber. None be good except Skip. Make it yer task ter study his ways. Then ask his Holy Spirit of Truth ter change ya in ter tha goodness of Skip. If he ‘as called ya in ter his goodness, he ‘ill exchange yer badness fer his goodness.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us in called us ter escape tha corruption in tha world. Think on that a wee bit. While others be dishonest or fraudulent or conduct themselves in ways that chase power, often involving bribes and coercion, them in Skip’s crew be acting with integrity, pure thoughts, and dealing in honest words and deeds. Deceit and manipulation be tha birth mates of then who change words and expressions ter mean a thing not intended in its original use. Ya see this all tha time with some folks. They ‘ill twist Skip’s words, or tha words of upright folks in a way tha be erroneous or perverted. Make it yer tasks ter read tha water, watch tha weather, scan tha horizon, and stear clear of tha snares of such folks who be under tha power of tha devil. Tha devil rules tha kingdom of tha air—squalls, storms, calms, all manner of winds that make it hard ter keep on course—but Skip commands them who be sailing in his fleet.We kin not control ill winds but with Skip’s strength, stamina, and Spirit we kin control how we respond ter ill winds

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he ‘as called us ter reject evil desires. Think on that a wee bit. Skip ‘as given us that power ter reject both evil and tha desire fer evil. Tha devil ‘ill try ter trick us in ter thinking we doth not ‘ave any control over our desires of tha flesh or evil thoughts. Don’ ya believe it. Many a mate ‘as lost thar soul ter Davy Jones fer believing that lying scoundrel and his pack of fibs. Once ya sign on with Skip ya ‘ave tha power to reject evil. Not on yer on, mind ya, but when ya reject evil in tha name of and under tha authority of the Sun, tha devil and his horde of demons hast ter flee. They got no choice.

Reject evil, mean it, and live like ya mean it. 

Skipper’s Holy Spirit of Truth Be Another Name Fer Skipper Working and Living in Folks Here and Now

Daily Scripture Devotional

Skipper's Holy Spirit of Truth Be Another Name Fer Skipper Working and Living in Folks Here and Now

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life. – 2 Peter 1:3 (2 Peter 1:3-4)

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he gives us his divine power. Think on that a wee bit. Skip gives those in his crew tha power ter (Matthew 10:8) cast out demons, heal tha sick, raise the dead,  (2 Chronicles 7:13-22) shut up the heavens so that thar be no rain, command pests ter devour tha land and send plagues among folks.

Now this power not be fer our benefit but fer tha glory of Skip in order that all ‘ill turn and be saved of thar sins. Some get healed and kin not stop talking ’bout what a miracle Skip did in thar life. Others get heal, then shrug like it no big deal ter get back thar sight, hearing, or be able ter walk and run. Regardless, tha transformation be a display of Skip’s power working through his crew.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he gives us his likeness. Think on that a wee bit. Skip gives those in his crew tha ability ter look like him. Now Skip be spirit and all folks be made in his image, so tha likeness Peter be professing here be of a kind that reflects tha character of Skip, not his physical appearance.

Ter be sure, most folks ‘ave a bit of Skip’s character in ’em. Skip be love. If a feller be able ter love his neighbor, that be tha result of Skip’s likeness working in him. Tha knowledge of Skipper that gives us his likeness be of a sort that shows humility, a willingness ter help others, ter serve others, ter sacrifice our comfort, our desires, our position fer tha benefit of others. This be what tha Sun did when he left his post in heaven and allowed himself ter be bound in tha body of a man and get kilt fer us. Only a feller or lass who be filled up true with Skip’s Holy Spirit of Truth kin carry on in the full likeness of Skip. And yet, this be ours if only we ‘ill ask Skipper and submit ter tha work of his Holy Spirit of Truth.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, he gives us ever thing we need fer life. Think on that a wee bit. Skip gives those in his crew ever thing we need fer carrying out tha tasks assigned ter us. Oh at first it may not seem like we have ever tool fer tha task. In fact, thar be times when it appears we hain’t nary got a pot ter boil in. But if ya truly be in Skip’s crew, he ‘ill always give ya jest what ya need at tha right time ter get tha work done. Problem be, what we think we need and what Skip knows we need often be ‘as far apart as tha east is from tha west. Folks tend ter fixate on things. Skip fixates on faith. Them who gots faith in Skipper ‘ill always have enough and more.

We ‘ave Skipper’s divine power: not fer our benefit, but fer others. We ‘ave Skipper’s divine likeness: not so we kin boast ’bout our self, but so we kin boast ’bout Skip and his love. We ‘ave Skipper’s cargo fer carrying out ever task while we sail through this life.

Skipper’s holy spirit of truth be another name fer skipper working and living in folks here and now. When ya be born again with Skipper’s Holy Spirit of Truth ya received tha very life of tha risen Sun himself. Our new-born destiny be ter bring many as we kin in ter Skip’s crew.  (Hebrews 2:10). Fulfilling yer destiny brings glory ter Skip, a smile on yer face, and joy ter them who be rescued from tha sea of sin.

Make it yer task ter keep watch at all times in all sorts of weather so ya kin toss a line ter them lost on tha dark and stormy seas of life.



Through Tha Righteousness of Skipper We ‘ave Received a Precious Faith

Daily Scripture Devotional

Through Tha Righteousness of Skipper We ‘ave Received a Precious Faith

Through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ we have received a precious faith. –  2 Peter 1:1 (2 Peter 1:1-2)

Through tha righteousness of Skipper we ‘ave received a precious faith. Think on that a wee bit. Tha faith ya ‘ave be a thing that come ter ya from Skip, not of yer own doing. It be Skip who give ya tha faith ter hang with him through squalls and fair winds, dead calms and dead-of-night watches. Ne’re go thinking ya ginned up tha faith ya ‘ave be from yer own doing. Like all such blessings, yer faith come from tha storehouse of Skip’s righteousness.

Through tha righteousness of tha Sun we receive Skipper’s very great and precious promises. Think on that a wee bit. Tha very promises of Skip which his holy people counted as better than any treasure a feller could find, now be ours. In Skip’s Code be all manner of promises. Some ‘as conditions and all promises be under tha authority of Skip. But like new found treasure chest desperate mates stumbled upon on a beach, tha great and powerful promises of Skip be ours. Like all such blessings, these promises come from tha storehouse of Skip’s righteousness.

Through tha knowledge of Skipper, his grace be ours in abundance. Think on that a wee bit. Tha grace we receive when we come up a little short of tha mark be from Skip. It be Skip who covers our tab when our pockets hold nothing but sand and shells. Like all such blessings, this grace comes from tha storehouse of Skip’s righteousness.

Through tha knowledge of tha Sun, his peace be yers in abundance. Peace be cargo a good many seek but only a few find. Why I dare say most folks live with a good deal of angst. Fact be, them who be in Skip ‘ill often ‘ave a sort of peace about ’em that other folks kin not understand. When tough times come, when pain beats down a soul, when tha youngins run off with tha wrong crew, them who be in Skip ‘ill ‘ave a sort of calm none other kin claim. It be like standing on tha helm with a smile on yer face whilsts a hurricane bears down. A peace like this kin only come from Skip. Like all such blessings, this peace comes from tha storehouse of Skip’s righteousness.

  • Skip’s faith
  • Skip’s promises
  • Skip’s grace
  • Skip’s peace

All this be ours fer simply signing on as Skipper’s crew. Most lubbers on land and sea kin never figure out how come it is that them in Skip’s fleet hold him and tha Sun in such high regard. Such loyalty be a holy miracle passed ter us from Skip.

Holy and precious be this treasure. Such a find be a thing ter die fer and we ‘ave it without so much as shedding a drop of blood. Tha Sun took care of that.

Make it yer task ter live out yer faith, stand on Skip’s promises, show Skip’s grace ter all, and as much as it depends on ya, be at peace with all fellers and lasses through Skip’s glorious power.