Grow Up on the Pure Spiritual Milk of Skipper’s Good Words

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 2:1-5

1 Peter 2-1-5Banish all malice and deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.

Come ter the living Stone, the living Stone rejected by men, but chosen by Skipper ter be a tested stone and a precious cornerstone fer a firm foundation. The one who puts their trust in the living Stone ‘ill never be dismayed, surprised, or put ter shame.

“Hear the word of Skipper, ye scoffers.” (Isaiah 29:14)

“Mockers of Skipper ‘ill disappear, ye may lay ter that.” (Isaiah 29:20)

Grow up! Make it yer task ter crave pure spiritual milk.

Now that ye ‘ave tasted and know Skipper be good and full of love, ye ‘ill do a good work if ye make righteousness the plumb line of yer spiritual house.

  • Banish all malice.
  • Banish all deceit.
  • Banish all conceit.
  • Banish all hypocrisy.
  • Banish all envy.
  • Banish all slander.
  • Banish all boasting.
  • Banish all lying.
  • Banish all falsehood.
  • Banish all mocking.
  • Banish all scoffing.

Build ye self up on the firm foundation of the living Stone and grow up on the pure spiritual milk of Skipper’s good words. 

  • Reflect the holiness of Skipper ter others.
  • Intercede fer others.
  • Represent Skipper ter others.
  • Offer yer bodies ter Skipper.
  • Offer yer possessions, money, time, talents, gifts, services, and always what is good and not evil.

Do this and the things ye done in the name of Skipper ‘ill stand fer all eternity.

Ye Have Been Born Again With Imperishable Seed

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 1:13-25

1 Peter 1-13-25You have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. – 1 Peter 1:23 (1 Peter 1:22-25)

Tha word of Skipper stands fer all time. Through tha living and enduring word of Skipper, ye ‘ave been born from imperishable seed. And if ye ‘ave been born anew with tha seed that comes through tha living and enduring word of Skipper. As such, behave as sound crew.

  1. Ready yer minds fer action, me hearties!
  2. Be self-controlled, like a savvy sailor in the midst of a storm.
  3. Place yer hope fully on the grace of the Son. His grace ‘ill steer ye through treacherous seas.
  4. Don’ be shaped by the evil desires ye had when ye whar ignorant. Back then ye be like a ship lost without a compass. Know ye know the Son’s ways, so set yer sails as such.
  5. Be holy in all yer doings, me hearties! When ye need a good rinsing, pray this prayer:

    “Lord, when I’m not holy, have yer Spirit point out where I be fallin’ short. Change me ter be holy. Give me yer mind. Reshape me into yer image. Amen.”

  6. Live in reverent fear of Skipper. He made the heavens and earth, sea and stars. He made fellers in his image. Ne’er ferget: he gives life and he takes life. He can sweep us overboard with the flick of his finger or a gust of wind.
  7. Obey the truth, fer Skipper’s words are as true as the North Star. The Son is Truth. When ye obey the truth, when ye honor and believe Skipper’s word.The truth in his words purifies ye like a deep dip in the sea and a fresh scubbin of lye soap.
  8. Love all in Skipper’s crew deeply. Love from yer heart. Be real in love. If ye find it hard ter show love ter a feller or lass, pray this prayer:

    “Lord, I’ve been born again by yer imperishable seed. This was done through the living and enduring word of you. Yer word stands forever. Yer words are life. I do not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from yer mouth. Place in me the love fer others that you ‘ave fer ’em. Amen!”

Ne’er ferget: ye whar redeemed from yer empty life by tha precious blood of tha Son, a lamb without blemish. Tha Son ne’re broke a one of Skipper’s commands. He be perfect in all he done. Through his Holy Ghost of Truth we kin also live a full life and be perfect as Skipper be perfect.

This be our charge from tha Son: “Go! Be perfect through tha indwelling power of my Holy Ghost of Truth.” (Matthew 5:48)

Go, then, and grow from a holy seed in ter that perfect character of tha Son.

Though We ‘ave Not Seen The Son in All His Glory, We Love Him

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 1:8-12

1 Peter 1-8-12Though we have not laid eyes on him, we harbor love fer the Son.

Though we haven’ gazed upon him in all his glory, we hold a deep affection fer him.

Though we ne’er heard his audible voice, we put our trust in him.

Though we haven’ touched the nail prints in his hands or felt the wound in his side, our hearts be filled with a joy that surpasses understanding.

Because we believe, we be receivin’ the goal of our faith: the salvation of our souls.

What ye believe ‘ll shape the course ye sail. What ye believe ‘ll determine whar ye end up.

Some scallywags be demandin’ proof before they ‘ll believe in the Son. Seekin’ facts may be wise most days, but gatherin’ facts be not the same as gatherin’ faith. A soul who’ll only believe what he spies puts limits on whar he sails. More importantly, it constricts whar he ends up. Such skittish sailing be like refusin’ ter leave port ’cause ye cannot spy what be over the horizon. A scallywag like that never finds true treasure.

The prophets of old placed greater value on faith than facts.

Those prophets trusted Skipper’s words more than the words of men.

The prophets of old knew they were charting a course not only fer themselves but fer future generations. Even the angels longed ter grasp the things those old prophets blabbered ’bout, but the Skipper kept ’em from seein’ and knowin’.

Only now, through the Holy Ghost of Truth sent from heaven, we know the route and Skipper’s grand plan fer us. We’ve been told of these things by those who preach and teach the good news of the Son.

The question be, will we believe, love, and live in the Spirit of the Son? Or will we remain in port, refusing ter take a chance on what lies below the horizon. All go ter Davy Jones, ye may lay ter that. Why not set sail with the Son and see fer yerself if thar be not treasures and paradise greater than any ye can image?

What say ye?

Through Faith in The Son We Be Shielded by Skipper’s Power

Finding Jesus — 1 Peter 1:2-7

Arr, may grace and peace flow in abundance ter ye who be chosen by the foresight of God the Father. The Spirit’s sanctifying work has marked ye as obedient ter Jesus Christ, with his blood sprinkled upon ye.

Dear Mates, we be Skipper’s chosen, the ones marked by the Holy Ghost of Truth. So, in all things, live in obedience ter Skipper’s Son.

In his vast mercy, Skipper grants us new birth into a living hope. This hope springs from the Son’s resurrection, though he ventured down ter Davy Jones, Skipper raised him from the dead. As ye well know, once a feller sinks ter a watery grave, he ne’er swims up alive. But the Son did. We ‘ave the testimony of them who says as much.

Through faith in the Son, we be shielded by Skipper’s power until the coming rescuing of all his chosen ones. Now Skip’s protecting power don’ mean all be smooth sailing. Fact ’tis, sailing and living in obedience ter Skipper and his Son ‘ill bring more squalls than days of smooth sailing, the prince of demons. The devil himself, ‘ill see ter that. Sailing and living in obedience ter Skipper and his Son ‘ill bring howls of mocking laughter from them who ‘ave tha devil’s spirits in ‘em. The protecting power of Skip be of a kind that preserves our faith and that be of greater worth than preserving our body and life. Our faith in the Son be our guarantee of a new full life that ‘ill ne’er end.

Right now, many of us may ‘ave ter suffer grief in all manner of trials aboard hard ships. This be happening so each feller’s faith may prove genuine and result in praise, glory, and honor ter the Son.

Buck up.

Hold fast ter Skipper’s words and what ye know be true and right in his Code of Conduct.
Obey the Son in all things.

Ye ‘ill know ye ‘ave new birth through the Holy Ghost of Truth if ye be absolutely certain that ye be in good standing with Skipper.

If ye not absolutely certain that the living hope which never dies be inside ye, drop ter yer knees this second and confess all the vile sins ye ever done. Don’ jest confess, but turn from doing ‘em. Ask the Son ter put his Holy Ghost of Truth in ye. Then go off and be baptized in water as a public confession that ye ‘ave died ter yer old self and now have the Son’s life in ye. Ask some righteous fellers and lasses ter lay hands on ye and anoint ye into the Son’s Holy Ghost of Truth. Once ye done all this, ye be in Skipper and Skipper be in ye, of this ye can be sure.

Will We Come and Be a Part of The Groom’s Wedding Party?

The Pirate Gospel: Mark 2:18

“How is it that John’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees are fasting, but yours are not?” – (Mark 2:18-21)

John’s disciples fasted. The Pharisees’ disciples fasted. The Son’s disciples feasted.

Some smart religious fellers came ter the Son and asked, “How is it that John’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees are fasting, but yours are not?”

The Son answered:

“The groom’s party eats well at the wedding. Wine flows, fancy food is brought out. All eat as much as they like, for the wedding feast is a time for celebrating. Now is such a time. I am the groom. Those who come to me celebrate with me. Only later, after I have gone, will they recall the good times we enjoyed and mourn. Then they will fast.”

Seeing as how many still be confused by the Son’s talk of weddings, he went on ter explain how the son of Skipper be like a new patch sown on ter a garment. The Son’s Spirit be like a new robe and not some simply some new patch ter be sown onto yer old self. If we try ter simply patch up our old flesh, we ‘ill make the tear worse. Worse, we ‘ill you feel worse, fer he alone can clothe us in new garb that fits us ter perfection.

In the same way Adam and Eve needed new garments ter cover their nakedness, so we need the Son’s new robe of righteousness ter cover our shameful self. Simply putting a patch of fig leaves over our privates ‘ill not do the trick.

Later the Son told the story of a king who came in ter visit the guests at his banquet. When the king seen a feller who whar not wearing wedding clothes he asked, “How did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ The man stood speechless. The king then told his attendants, “Tie him hand and foot, and throw him into the darkness.” In the streets outside the halls of the wedding hall thar ‘ill be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 22: 11-13)

If we ‘ill accept the Son’s offer ter be dressed in his rob of righteousness we need not worry ’bout getting tossed. When we put on the Son, we get ter dine with the groom.

All be invited. Question be: will we accept the groom’s invite ter his wedding?

Parroting the Prayers of Skip’s CrewParroting the Prayers of Skip’s Crew

“Remember, Lord, how I have tried to walk before you faithfully and with my whole heart’s devotion. Though at times I have stumbled, my desire is do what is good in your eyes. I ask that your Spirit fill me so that by your strength and not in my weak flesh do I serve you alone.” (2 Kings 20:3)

Pirate Facts

Them captured by pirates faced a bleak future. Some pirates whar merciful and, after robbing fellers and lasses, put ’em ashore on a deserted isle. Other pirates entertained thar captives as guests until a ransom whar paid. Some gangs do the same even ter this day.

Family Time With Jesus

The Pirate Gospel: Mark 2:17

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” – Jesus (Mark 2:13-17)

The Son went out ter the lake. Like always a large crowd came ter Skipper’s son and he began ter teach folks. Whilst walking about, he saw Levi, the son of Alphaeus, sitting at the tax collector’s booth. Most likely this whar a toll booth guarded by one or more Roman soldiers, fer back then the route from Damascus through Capernaum ter the sea whar a popular route.

“Follow me,” the Son called ter Levi. Right off Levi stopped collecting taxes, left his station, and followed the Son.

Sometime later, while the Son and his disciple whar enjoying dinner at Levi’s home, many other tax collectors and “sinners” showed up. “Sinners” be folks who refuse ter follow Skip’s Code of Conduct — fellers and lasses who make it thar purpose ter violate Skipper’s divine law and show disrespect ter Skipper. Though they know right from wrong and kin read Skipper’s good words, they choose ter be reprobates and rebells bent on mutinous behavior. It be fer sinners that the Son came, fer we all be murdering, lying, thieving scoundrels who need ter change our ways.  These whar the folks the Son be drinkin’ and eatin’ and hangin’ with on this particular evening.

When the teachers of the law and the Pharisees seen the crowd seated ’round the Son, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?”

Now ya might think it odd they did not ask the Son this question. Could be by this point they knowed him ter be smarter than ’em and they did not wish ter get into a debate with a feller who seemed ter know more ’bout Skip’s Code than they knowed.

On hearing such mumbling, the Son said ter these smart religious fellers, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Right off ’em smart religious fellers might ‘ave picked up on the sharp humor in the Son’s words, fer by implying that they be “righteous,” the Son be suggesting they be “good” and not needing ter be made clean: and well they knew that none be good but Skipper.

But thar whar a second, more important, message in the Son’s word: a warning fer all of us. The Son be suggesting that each us be a sinner who needs ter repent of sumpin. If we think different, then we hain’t looked deep enough inter our hearts. If we think ourself healthy and whole and in no need of healing, we ‘ill miss out on dining with the Sun and getting set right with Skipper.

If you know yerself ter be sick in spirit, broken in body, a corrupt lying, thieving, reprobate, then accept the Son’s invitation ter enjoy a meal in his kingdom. Dare ter dine with the one who desires fer you to ‘ave life and ‘ave it ter the full. The Son accepts us just as we come, but he ne’er leaves us in our foul, polluted state. No indeed, fer he wishes ter call us friends, his family, his followers. Question be, will we come out of the darkness and inter the Son’s light and love?

Parroting the Prayers of Skip’s CrewParroting the Prayers of Skip’s Crew

“Lord, our children are a heritage from you, a reward we cannot earn, only enjoy. We ask for your blessing of protection and provision for our children. May we love those in our family in heaven with the same affection we love our own flesh and blood. Amen and amen.” (Psalms 127:3-5)

Pirate Facts

Sailors captured by pirates whar sometimes invited ter join the crew and themselves become pirates. Here the pirates be thinking the captives — who now be crew — might reveal whar a treasure be hidden aboard the captured vessel so as ter share in the loot. Most often if the captives went along with such a devilish scheme they be killed soon as the booty be uncovered.