Become an LPC Ambassador Bookseller

Work from home as an independent bookseller

compensation: Monthly revenue potential of $500 – $2,240+

part-time, telecommuting okay

Our LPC Ambassador program is an opportunity to work at something you love – reading and recommending books.

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas seeks individuals with strong networking skills and a desire to promote “clean” inspirational fiction, Christian Living nonfiction, and devotionals.

LPC Ambassadors are independent booksellers working from home, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. You earn income by selling books online via your own bookstore and by sponsoring in-home book parties through qualified hosts. (Think Tupperware for books). You can also host virtual book parties on Goodreads, Facebook, and Google Hangout. As an LPC Ambassador, you receive:

*Initial inventory of print books
* Personalized online storefront — (begin taking orders within days)
* Domain name registration of your storefront
* List of qualified authors prepared to attend book parties and share writing tips and stories with your guests

Complete access to all LPC books (Print, Kindle and Nook versions. Ambassadors earn around eighty cents on every $1.99 eBook . You take the orders – we deliver the books and ebooks to your customers.)

All LPC Ambassadors receive an LPC starter kit, training in social media platform building, client base development, and strategies for generating new sales and book party hosting.

LPC Ambassador benefits:

* From your first day as an Ambassador, you earn a 40% commission on every order you sell
As your sales increase, so does your commission rate (up to 50%)
* Top-selling Ambassadors may be eligible for cash bonuses, trips, and other prizes
* Cash bonuses are available for signing up new Ambassadors

This is not a multi-level marketing scheme.
You earn money by selling books, not buying products or paying fees.

Flexible Schedule, Telecommuting
Salary & Benefits: Commission