Get Tha Order Right and Ya Kin Love Tha Way Skip Loves

Get Tha Order Right and Ya Kin Love Tha Way Skip Loves

“Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:28-31

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our heart. Some of us been in love. We know how a feller’s heart aches ter be with tha one he loves. We should ache fer Skipper in tha same way he aches ter be with us.

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our soul, tha very part of us that last fer ever and ever and never goes away. Soul love be deep and that be what Skip asks—ter be his soul mate fer ever.

Skipper commands us ter love him with all our mind, keep him in all our thoughts, be thinking of him at all times. When ya be in love, ya kin ne’er stop thinking ‘bout yer love mate. Skipper be asking fer us ter be thinking on him all tha time—not ‘cause he commands it, but ‘cause we kin do nothing but ter think on him.

Skipper commands us ter love him with ever bit of strength we got. Sometimes love be hard. Sometimes love requires we pick Skip over something else, someone else, even over our self. Buck up. Show yer starch. Love Skip like he be tha thing ya love more’n all tha world.

Lastly, ya may have noticed yer self be at tha end of tha list. Folks like us be inclined ter heel towards our own tack and tacky self rather than Skipper. And if we don’ love Skipper we sure as salt not be able ter love our neighbor tha way Skip wants.

A good many folks get tha Son’s words out of order. They hear “Love your neighbor as yourself.” and think “how would I want to be loved?” Folks who think along these lines might be nice ter folks, but nice not always be love. Be nice ter lice and even tha mice ‘ill jump ship.

Tha Son says love not work tha way reprobates think. We don’ love ourself first, then our bunk neighbor, then Skip. We love Skip first, next our neighbor, then our self.

Get tha order right and ya kin love tha way Skip loves. Get tha order wrong and ya love tha way that old black-hearted scoundrel, the devil loves—and he don’ love a soul ‘cept himself.

Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

Thar Be a Reason Why Some of Our Crew Be Wearing Eye Patches

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.”  Matthew 5:29  (Matthew 5:28-30)

I know I don’ need ter tell ya what tha Son means by this, mate. Yer eye wanders more’n the bow of an island trader loaded to the gunnels and wallowing in heavy seas. Ya kin hardly keep from looking at stuff ya ain’t meant ter see. Know what I’m talking ‘bout, ya do.

Thar be a reason why some of our crew wear eye patches. Some got eyes plucked in battle, others had a knuckle er two smash inter that wandering eye.

“Cut it out!” Ever wonder whar that phrase come from? Right here, mate. If yer right eye, left eye, and them eyes that see things when they be closed cause ya to do stuff you ought not, cut it out, mate.

Not with a dirk. Cutting out yer eye won’ stop ya from thinking on what ya seen. Ter keep from seeing stuff with yer eyes you ought not, ya have ter fill yer head with thoughts from tha Son. Get his words and thoughts in yer head. Look only ter him. His brightness be blinding. And in this case, getting blinded by tha Son be a right smart thing ter do.

Do that and ya can wink and nod at them old bad things ya once gazed upon and then sail on.

Be Up Right With Yer Steps

Sailing With Jesus -- Tips fer how ter walk tha deck so ya won' stumble and tumble overboards

Be Up Right With Yer Steps

“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48 

“Pert near perfect,” says you. “No need ter change,” says you. Only them that knows ya well, can cite all manner of ills that befall ya.

“Ah,” says you, “but no man be perfect. Alls got some affliction er ailment that befuddles him.”

Tis true, we got troubles, thar’s no denying it. But tha kind of perfection the Son speaks of be the sort where a man be fit fer the purpose which suits him best. Ter send a feller up tha rigging to unfurl sails would be a poor use of a gunner with a sharp eye. Be a sorry skipper that puts his crew in harms way by assigning men positions aboard fer which they be ill fitted.

Be perfect in the same way tha stars shine bright, guiding tha skipper. Be perfect in tha same way wind fills a sail. Be perfect, mate, same as him who made ya be perfect. Don’ be someone ya ain’t and were ne’re meant ter be.

Be up right with yer steps. In that ways, when ya walk tha deck ya won’ stumble and tumble overboards.