The Spirit of the Lord Will Rest …

The Spirit of the Lord Will Rest ...The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him. He will have the Spirit of Wisdom, Discernment, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord. He will delight in the Fear of the Lord. ~ Isaiah 11:2-3

My Father, may I have your Spirit of Wisdom, Discernment, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord. May your Righteousness be my belt. May Faithfulness be the sash around my waist. 

My Father will honor the one who serves me. John 12:26

Lord, I don’t seek honor, but I do seek work in your kingdom. Refresh my spirit, give me an advisory team and staff who understands your vision in this work. May your work and word prevail. 

God foreknew … he predestined some to be conformed to the likeness of his Son. God then called and justified (marked for a good and legitimate reason). He glorified. Will God not also graciously give us all things? Romans 8:29 & 32

Lord, you called; I answered. Please give me the resources, help, and vision to do this work. Transform me into the image of your Son.

Teresa would love to feel better and not have to struggle to pay her electricity bill. She faces the choice of remaining cold or trying to scrape together enough money to keep the lights and heat on. She thanks you for all she has. I ask that you bless her with the funds necessary to stay warm – in your arms, but also in her home. 

Father, Erin became extremely ill during the summer of 2015. Her body was damaged and still has not completely healed. Please heal and comfort Erin. You are in the restoration business. Please restore Erin.

Lord, Kathryn is bed bound, but you are with her. Please help Kathryn spend more time with you. Allow her world to expand in your presence.

Lord, please care for Annie’s old little dog, Jessi. Jessi is not doing to well. Annie doesn’t want Jessi to suffer. Please healAnnie’s dog or comfort her as she struggles with this tough decision. Lord, help Wendy’s neighbor, Iona, who had a stroke last weekend.  She’s 49 and is the single mom of two special needs children (one new adult, one tween).  Doctors say she has a 50/50 chance of surviving the stroke, and if she does, she will be paralyzed.  She is comatose in the hospital and on life support.  I know that Iona believes in you, but Wendy is unsure of her salvation.  You are a BIG God. Wendy asks for a BIG miracle for Iona and her family!

Please care and comfort Ann, who is 82, and in the hospital with pneumonia.